Amanda was attempting to change Milly’s diaper today, but she only wanted me to do it for some reason. When I came in to do it, Millyntold Amanda to “reach for the sky,” with the same drawl Woody uses in Toy Story. I thought that was funny, if unintentionally aggressive.

I had a meeting that went pretty well today.

After work Amanda, Milly and I went to Mayfaire.  Amanda let Milly pick out her own outfit, which consisted of a Buzz Lightyear t-shirt, a purple tutu (Amanda put some shorts on her under that), a pink jelly shoe and a yellow jelly shoe.  When I looked at her I felt like I was  looking at someone with a blue eye and a brown eye.

We decided to let Milly play in Brilliant Sky and ended up buying her a book about a little girl who learns to pee in the potty.  We thought it did a good job of trying to identify with its target audience.

After that Amanda went to Ulta to buy some makeup she was out of while Milly and I went to hh gregg.  I’d never been in there in the two years it’s been at Mayfaire, so I thought I’d check it out.  I thought it was just like Best Buy, but it’s main focus is on TVs and appliances.  After Amanda joined up with us we took a look at some refrigerators just to see what’s there.

After that we walked over to Atlanta Bread and had a light dinner.  Michael had talked to Amanda about meeting up there after he got off work, but he wouldn’t have been there until 7:30 or later, which was too late to make Milly wait to eat, not to mention she’d be pretty late getting to bed.

Instead, Michael and Jenn came over a little later and we all played Ticket to Ride.  Not to brag, but I killed it, and I think this might have been the first time I wasn’t able to complete all of my tracks.  I haven’t always won at Ticket to Ride, but I think I’ve always done pretty well in the games we’ve played of it.

Zach Dotsey