Amanda and I have been trying to watch The Social Network for a week or more now.  It came via Netflix the weekend before this past one while we were at my parents’ house, but it seems like every night we decided to watch it we either ended up doing something, well, social, or something came up like Milly getting to bed later or Amanda not feeling well.

(She wasn’t feeling well last night, but she was mostly better today.)

Anyway, I thought it was a really good movie.  I thought they did a great job editing the story between what happened and the two lawsuits.  I’m really interested in reading the fully true story of Facebook now, or at least discovering the Reader’s Digest version of it.

So, do you know what the best kind of babysitter is?  It’s the kind that comes in from out of town and not only takes care of your kid on their own dime, but actually pays you by picking up some lunch while they’re out.  Yes, Milly had another Nana day today.  They left the house just before 9:00 and went to McDonald’s for breakfast, spent some time looking at ducks and fish at Hugh MacRae Park, went to Petco to look at more animals, picked up some doughnut holes, played at Barnes & Noble for a bit then came home with some Chick-Fil-A lunch.  Milly went down for her nap at 2:00 and slept until about 5:00.  She had a very busy day.

When they drove up and I went to get her from Karen’s van she loosed a stream of babble at me, but one of the last words was “Nemos” so I think she was telling me about her day.  It’s really cool, because I don’t think Milly has ever directly spoken about something that happened a few hours before.

Milly thanked Jesus for things on her own again tonight.  She was thankful for Nana, cars (or, more likely, Cars), the moon and stars and something that may have been the sun.  Amanda and I heard her crying just after we got the movie started so Amanda went to check on her and then called me upstairs.  Milly wanted me to get on the floor with her, so I asked if Mommy could join us, and she did.  Milly was rubbing our faces, much like I’ll run hers when I’m laying down with her.  I think it’s the first time she did that to Amanda.  It’s so sweet.

Oh, and congratulations to the Revill family!  Jonathan and Crystal had their second girl today, Norah Grace.  Norah, I apologize that I don’t have the inspiration in me that I had when your sister was born, but I’m very happy you’ve joined the world today.  You’re surrounded by an awesome family, one I count as a second family of my own, even if I haven’t seen most of them in quite a while.

Zach Dotsey