For a while the plan was that we were going to take Milly to see Cars 2 as her first movie.  Due to scheduling conflicts and such, that changed this morning and we took her to see Winnie the Pooh.  We met the Warkentiens there.  Both of the kids did great.  Eli stayed on his parents’ laps the whole time and seemed a bit nervous to big in the big dark theater at first.  Milly started off in her own seat and decided to switch it up pretty often throughout the movie.  Sometimes she sat with me, sometimes with Amanda and sometimes she was back in her own seat.

It was a cute movie.  Nothing outstanding, but there were some genuinely funny parts, and I like how they used the typography from the book now and then to interact with the story.  Amanda had the great idea of finding some Winnie the Pooh videos on YouTube to show Milly this morning to see if she’d like it, which she did, so we were pretty sure she’d enjoy the movie.

After it let out the Warkentiens headed off to an appointment while Amanda went to pick up some jeans for Milly from The Gap.  She had a voucher for a free pair and it was expiring soon.  She’d put it off to make sure to get a pair that would fit Milly nicely.

Milly and I, meanwhile, sat on a racing video game at the theater.  Milly loved the lights and the buttons and the steering wheel.  When I finally pulled her out of that I took her outside where she made a lap around the fountain, which had blue water in it.  It was starting to sprinkle so I carted her off to the car, despite her protests that she wanted the blue water.

Back home, Milly seemed ready for a nap, but she wouldn’t stay down.  Amanda tried putting her in the pack & play to see if the change would do her some good, but it didn’t.  (Thought it did keep her from being mobile.)  She eventually did go down, but it took a while.  Amanda ran out to pick up some diapers (we really hope we won’t need more!) and I caught up with work.  It had been a busy morning, but I crammed a lot into it and the afternoon wasn’t too bad.

After Milly got up from her nap we fed her then took her to Wally World to pick out a stuffed animal for Baby Girl Warkentien.  Milly didn’t care to look at the stuffed animals though and preferred to look at baby doll barber chairs and dollhouses and bikes.  Amy’s shower is tomorrow morning.

Speaking of naps, Milly is trending later and later with them, and I’m wondering if she might not be about done with them before too long.  That would make my days really interesting.

When we got home we took a short walk in the neighborhood.  Our walks are always short with Milly because she gets into things or gets distracted or decides she wants to push her tricycle.  I carried it on the way back while Amanda taught Milly how to skip, though skipping to Milly is just walking while lifting your legs really high.

Milly was a lot of fun when we were getting her ready for bed.  She stuck her finger in our belly buttons to tickle us and tried to roll around on the floor to imitate me.  I ended up rolling her with me, trying not to squish her.  She was laughing, so I guess I didn’t crush anything.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  I’d seen half of it while hanging out at the Frazelles’ before.  It was a decent flick.  It’s not often where you see a kids movie where the main character is so much of a selfish a-hole.