I would have thought that since she didn’t nap, Milly would sleep in just a little.  No, Amanda heard her breathing under the door before 7:30 this morning.  Yes, she was at her door and had her face pressed against it, so it seems.  Amanda wondered if Milly had slept at the door.  She called me over and we tried to look through the gap, but that didn’t work too well because of the carpet on our side of the door.  Milly did start poking her fingers under the door though.

Amanda had a rare chance to say goodbye to Milly before leaving for work.  Milly and I brushed our teeth then went downstairs to wake Nana up.  They had quite the day.  Karen took Milly to McDonald’s for breakfast then went to the park to play at the playground for a while (Milly was in the swing a lot, I’m told), feed ducks and sit in the “house” (gazebo).

From there they went to Petco and looked at all kinds of fish, including blue Nemos, birds, mice, ferrets and more.  Milly also played with some bright bird toys and rearranged some display near the checkout counter.  Again, so I’m told.

Nana took Milly to Dunkin’ Donuts after that where Milly had a glazed doughnut all to herself.  Karen took her to wash her hands and I guess we’ve never used an air dryer to dry Milly’s hands before because Karen said when she tried to dry Milly’s hands with it she did the slow melt thing and almost cried.  Milly’s never been a fan of loud noises like that.

They were going to go across and down the street maybe half a mile to Mayfaire next to play at Brilliant Sky, but when Karen parked the van and turned around she saw that Milly was out cold.  She came on home where I took Milly upstairs then went out to grab us some Subway for lunch.

Milly was out as I carried her upstairs, but she began to stir a bit when I laid her down and was almost fully awake by the time I got her shoes off.  She was trying to slide out of bed, I so I hightailed it out of there to hopefully cut down on the distraction level and let her go back to sleep.

Karen and I could hear her up and active again within an hour, probably just over half that.

I went back to work while Nana played with Milly and watched Cars.  Karen had called Anna earlier in the day about meeting up at Blue Moon so she and Milly met Anna and Kirsten there then went to The Fuzzy Peach.  Karen didn’t realize how late it was and left much later than she meant to.

I was very glad Karen was able to keep Milly busy today, because I had a very busy time at work.

Milly was very sweet this evening, wanting me to sit on the couch so she could cover up with her blanket and lay down on my lap.

I think playing Hold Still and Goodbye are going to become nightly traditions.  Milly seems pretty apt to get into bed after we play those two songs.  She had a long prayer list tonight which graciously included Mommy and Daddy, but Nana was conspicuously absent from it.

Lauren from Grow Zone talked to Amanda about yesterday’s biting incident.  Amanda explained that she wasn’t mad that Milly got bit- that happens- but she was annoyed that the girl who bit Milly was allowed back in and was able to bite her a third time.  It seems to have all come down to a lack of communication.  We’ve been told the girl will be moved to a different room and if she bites another kid she’ll be asked to leave until the phase has passed.  I feel bad for the parents.  I know we’d be mortified if Milly had a habit like that.

We were going to watch Falling Skies, but we didn’t have it yet so we watched Game of Thrones episode two.  Amanda was buried in her iPad through most of the show and barely paid attention, though I did get her to watch the parts where you start to really hate Joffrey.

Zach Dotsey