Amanda’s dad, Phil, or Paw Paw to Milly, was in town for a class or some such today and decided to meet his kids, their significant others and his grandkid for dinner.  Amanda picked Zoe’s Kitchen, since it was on the way out of town for him and she’d been wanting to try the place out.

Unfortunately, Milly, who did nap for a few hours today, was in a mood.  She didn’t want to talk to Phil, Michael or Jenn and wanted to stay outside from the time we went to sit down at a table until we left.  I took her out so as to not bother any other patrons, but she was throwing tantrums, screaming and writhing around any time I tried to take her back inside.  Fortunately there’s not much traffic at the front of the building and there’s an inside corner that I was able to put her in, for all the good putting her in a corner did.

Amanda came out after a bit so I could go eat my food and Milly settled down some.  Michael brought Milly her food, quesadillas and salsa, but surprisingly Milly wouldn’t even go for the salsa.  Usually she loves any kind of dipit.

Milly was bratty up until we put her in the car.  She wouldn’t talk to anyone or hug them or anything.  I felt really bad for Phil, since he didn’t get to see much of her and she had actually told him to go away when he went outside to check on her.  She did wave amicably to him when we were all in our cars and leaving.

As terrible as she was at Zoe’s, she was very sweet back at home.  We took her upstairs and she got ready for bed pretty easily (after an initial protest) and asked me to lay down with her.  She did tell Amanda to go away, but we got her to apologize and she said her goodnights nicely.

I couldn’t get her in her bed though.  She’s really taken to sleeping on the floor.

Amanda and Milly had been at Mayfaire earlier in the day too, when they went to Barnes & Noble to get out of the house.  Amanda said she had Milly give a toy train to one little girl because Milly had three and the other girl had none, but when Milly gave her one the girl took the other two from her.  Her mom wasn’t around and Amanda didn’t want to get on someone else’s kid, but she did get the girl to give one back to Milly.

Later one a few kids were playing with books that had keyboards and the same little girl, who already had one of her own, took one from another kid.  That kid’s mom said something to her too.  I’m really glad Milly doesn’t usually mind sharing.

When we got home today we found that Bruce had mangled Milly’s Yo Gabba Gabba book bag.  There was a little bit of old bread in it from when Milly and Karen went to the park yesterday and fed the ducks, and he had pulled at the bag enough to open the drawer of the Shaker table it had been hanging up on, destroyed both side pockets and ruined part of the zipper track.  I don’t even know if there had been any bread left in it.  We were pretty upset about it.  It’s still usable since the zipper is only messed up towards one end of it.  Still, it sucks not to have the side pockets.

Zach Dotsey