That’s the logo I came up with for Joe Runkle.  He liked it so much that he’s already decided to use it on his email signature, business cards and what not.

Joe, if you don’t know, has been friends with my little brother, Adam, since forever.  Joe grew up to become a lawyer out in San Diego, which still just kind of blows my mind when I think about it.  I’ve been working on a website redesign for him and came up with that logo pretty quickly.  The thinking behind it is that since the firm is named after a Roman philosopher we’d go Roman with it.  The laurel was a Roman (and Greek) symbol of victory.  The S is for Seneca and is in a Roman-style font.

I don’t usually name clients on this site, but I’ve known Joe forever and he’s really happy with what I’ve done so far.  He’s pretty much given me freedom to do things as I want on it, so it’s a fun project to work on.

I’ve been trying to do that in my spare time and my main job has kept me pretty busy as well.  I’ve started doing video tutorials for people instead of writing out long instructions, attaching screenshots or walking them through it on the phone.  It’s just so much easier when people can see exactly what you’re doing.

Milly may or may not have taken a nap today.  She had some quiet Milly time, but when I checked the baby monitor I could hear her playing with her zoo.  Still, she was mostly good today until this evening when she got weepy.  We were trying to have a Skype call with the Johnsons because Jacob, whose hair has gotten shaggy (Amanda and I both said we liked it) wanted to see Milly.  Strangely, Milly didn’t really care about talking to the people on the iPad, not even Jacob.

She also screamed bloody murder when Amanda washed her hair in the shower, yet she let Amanda comb out her tangles.  There was one particularly bad tangle that we thought we’d have to cut out, but Amanda managed to get it out.  It might have helped that we distracted Milly by letting her play with a tube of hand lotion.  She was pretty moist by the time we were done.

We’re really starting to have to work on some of the terrible two symptoms.  Specifically: bossiness, tantrums and listening/paying attention when being told to do something.  Don’t get it wrong- Milly’s still a great little kid.  She’s very sweet and loving, loves to dance and sing and play and is good at sharing.  There are just things for us to work on with her.

Zach Dotsey