I had my alarm set for 6:20 this morning so I could get up and go to Port City Community Church to run a camera.  I woke up at 6:08 and figured I might as well get moving.  I got to church a little before 7:00 and was the first person in the cafe where we always have the production meeting.  When Nick came in he said hi and that he didn’t realize I was volunteering today.  A few minutes later he told me I was on next week.  I told him I was just overzealous.

The deal was this.  I knew I was on for the last weekend of the month.  I just forgot that this month has one more weekend.

Oh well.  I went home and didn’t bother telling Amanda I was back so she could sleep in a bit.  When I heard her getting in the shower I went on up and told her.  I was afraid I’d scare her, but I didn’t.  Milly was up a few minutes later so I took care of her while Amanda got ready.

Since we were up a little later than usual we decided to go to the 11:00 service, which is what Amanda and Milly do on days I volunteer.  To waste some time, we went to Atlanta Bread before church today, though we didn’t have time to go to Barnes & Noble afterwards, which I think confused Milly a little.

Amanda talked to her mom after church and was told she was coming on down during the day today because she had a few places she wanted to go.  We went by Panera to pick up some lunch then headed home, and Karen was there not too much later.  After we all ate, the girls all left to go downtown while I went upstairs to take a little nap.

Amanda called me a few minutes after I woke up and said they were dropping Milly off then going out to Costco.  Milly had just fallen asleep in the car.  I took her straight upstairs and laid her down, though she was up again before Amanda and Karen got back from Costco.

Nana brought Milly a surprise she’d picked up at Costco, which was a Blu-Ray of the original Toy Story.  I’s funny how much better computer animation has gotten since then.  It was definitely good for the time (1995, we looked it up), but it’s not nearly as polished as it is now.

We ate dinner after watching Toy Story together, then we showed Nana Mimi Story, which is what we’re calling Milly’s baby story video.  We watched it twice, actually, then we took Milly upstairs to get ready for bed.  She skipped through half of Hold Still and wanted to go right on to Goodbye, so I don’t know if she got all her wiggles out.  I laid in bed with her for just a minute when she pulled on a small book about counting and the spine detached itself from the cardboard pages somewhat, which I used as my excuse to go on downstairs.  She was cool with that.

Amanda, Karen and I folded some laundry then watched The Town.  I think we all liked it, though I’m sure the language bothered Karen some.  The biggest complaint I had was that there was a section of it that wouldn’t play, and it covered a couple very important parts of the movie.  At first the DVD skipped in a couple spots then it froze up only to start up on the next chapter of the movie.  We tried rewinding it, but then it froze up to the point that we had to shut off the PlayStation and turn it back on.

Zach Dotsey