A few minutes after 9:00, Milly left to go to the Aquarium at Fort Fisher with her Nana, Uncle Michael and Jenn.  I almost felt like I was sending her off on a field trip.

They said she was good, though sometimes she didn’t know if she wanted to be held or walk on her own, and sometimes she was more interested in things like water fountains than the aquatic spectacles around her.  And towards the end Jenn said Milly was walking around like a zombie and bumping into people.  She was tired and fell asleep on the way home.

She was awake when I went to get her from the van though.  She did one of her favorite things lately, which was to climb into the driver’s seat, have someone (me, in this case) sit in the passenger seat and pretends she’s driving.  She gets very upset when you take her away from the driver’s seat.  Before I did though, I chatted with her and asked what all she saw today.  I had to prompt her with “fish” at first, but then she said something about turtles and Nemos.

I got a lot done today.  The time really flew by fast.  Amanda said she had a very productive day at work and accomplished more than she though she would.  So that’s all good.

Karen stuck around until Amanda got here then headed home.  We had a pretty low-key evening.  We watched Toy Story then we let Milly play for a little before putting her down.  She was standing at the easel lining up all of her magnets.  I can’t say that she was making anything in particular, but she was very deliberate and methodical about it, which made it fascinating to watch.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched The Soup then Amanda watched The Bachelorette while I worked on yet another new website idea that I’ve got.

We had a bit of rain just now.  Thunder and a nice heavy downpour.  Same thing happened earlier today, late morning or early afternoon, though it went on longer then.  It’s good because we need it.  If I could control the weather I’d have a nice steady rain every day from about 2 or 3 AM to about 5 AM.  I know that’s here not there; it was just in my head.

Zach Dotsey