Milly was up at 7:15 today.  Actually, it was earlier than that because out bedroom clock is fast.  Amanda heard her saying, “Mommy, open the door,” after she got out of the shower and she just couldn’t say no.  I was really looking forward to at least another half hour of sleep though.  I was up late last night working on yet another website idea.

Work was busy today and Milly spent the morning wanting me to get up, get down, watch Cars with the iPad propped against a chair while we saw against the jelly cupboard on the floor, eat this, eat that.  I love my girl, as I’m pretty sure anyone can attest, but man she was wearing me out today with all I had to do.

She did do some cute things this morning though.  She was “talking” on the little green phone that came with her kitchen set and she said, “Hi, Nick.  Hi, Amy.  Hi, Eli.  I love you, Eli.”  A little later, when I think she knew I was intending to take her upstairs, she was on the couch and said, “Snuggle Daddy.”  That’s the first time she requested that, so how could I refuse?  Of course, as soon as I got on the couch with her she sits right back up trying to look past me to watch The Incredibles.

Milly did take a nap for more than 30 minutes today, which was a nice change of pace.  Around 11:00 I took her upstairs to change her diaper and told her she didn’t have to go to sleep, but that she needed some quiet time.  She was crying for a bit, but she got over it and slept a few hours.  I had the baby monitor in the office and forgot to turn it off, so I listened to her and Amanda running around and playing when she got up.

I haven’t had any slack days in a while, but building up my own thing on the side seems to be working out okay for me so far.  I’ve got six playing clients so far and a few more possibles lined up.  It hasn’t added a whole lot of extra work yet, a few hours here and there.

Amanda made waffles for dinner.  I pulled out Rock Band, thinking Milly would enjoy playing it, which she did.  We tried playing the three of us together, but whatever instrument Amanda had, Milly wanted.  We thought Milly might like hearing herself make sounds through the TV, and she was making singing sounds for a bit, but she ignored the mic and went for Amanda’s guitar.  We unplugged the guitar and gave that to her and gave Amanda the mic, but she still wanted whatever Amanda had.  So while she did enjoy it, it wasn’t working out very well.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched an episode of Conan O’Brien that Amanda had recorded because Rhett and Link were on it.  After that we watched a bit of 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow, which was entertaining enough.  I thought it was unfair that the last person didn’t get to pick any answers, but I guess they needed to make sure someone was eliminated each round somehow.  I didn’t pay too much attention to it though, as I was reading A Dance with Dragons on my iPhone.

Zach Dotsey