A Netflix video of Pixar short films arrived today, so Amanda, Milly and I watched that this evening.  Milly and I were on the love seat and Milly had a pillow in her lap.  She was delighted when Cobb sat down on it and stayed for a good long while.

I feel like I was pretty productive with work today.  Amanda and Milly went to see Anna, since it’s her birthday.  (Happy birthday, Anna!)  They were gone all afternoon and together they all made a cookie cake.  Milly got marker all over her legs and hands, and I’m told Kirsten let Milly draw all over her too.

Milly’s Netflix-on-the-iPad mastery took a negative turn today when she discovered Wonder Pets.  She’d seen an episode or two on On Demand, but she never got into it.  She watched a few episodes today, and since it kept her occupied while I was busy I let it go.  I’ve got songs from it in my head now though, and let me just say that I much prefer Yo Gabba Gabba‘s music.

There’s a mystery over whether or not Milly napped today.  I took her upstairs around 11:00 when she was starting to act tired (read: overreacted to an episode of Wonder Pets being over) and she fussed for a bit, but it seemed like every time I thought she must be asleep I heard her doing something upstairs.  She was up there for a while and at the very least pulled out the boxes with her shoes and socks in them.

Amanda got to do something special tonight.  Milly was all about her mommy when we went upstairs, and instead of requesting me to lay down with her, she requested Amanda.  I was very happy for Amanda, as she hasn’t had the chance to lie down with Milly as she’s going to bed for the night.  Not until I walked out the door did I feel just a passing twinge of bittersweetness, but I was glad for Amanda nonetheless.  She  was beaming when she got into bed with Milly and Milly reached over and touched her face.  It was very sweet.

Amanda got out quicker than I usually do though.  I was trimming my face when she came out of Milly’s room just a few minutes later.  Then we went downstairs and watched Falling Skies.  I liked this episode more than I’ve liked some of the other ones, though I’m not sure exactly what the reason was.

I fell asleep on the couch last night, reading.  (Man, am I chronologically all over the place in tonight’s post or what?)  I woke up with a start when Harvey came barreling down the stairs when Amanda was coming down to let him and Bruce out.  It sounded to me like the house was falling down.  Really, that dog gets so excited about the least little thing.

Zach Dotsey