Let’s see if I can keep it chronological today.

Milly took a nap at noon and was down until a little after 3:00.  Amazing, I know.  I’d really given up on the idea of her taking naps again.  Still, it’s just two days and it might not keep going.

Milly said something about going to the park this evening so I took her.  We went to the Castle Hayne Park just to switch things up a little.  It’s more shady there than it is at Ogden Park and I can’t remember going there except for Eli’s last birthday party.  Amanda never liked that the sides of the play set don’t have rails all over them, but I figured Milly’s a big enough girl now.

We were only there half an hour or so and there were only two, maybe three other kids the entire time we were there, but Milly had a good time climbing on the play set.  We swung in the swings for a little bit too, and Milly did something I didn’t know she could do.  When she wanted to get off the swing her drug her feet a few passes to slow it down then dismounted all on her own.  I was duly impressed.

Amanda didn’t go with us as she was taking a shower.  She was going out with the girls from our old small group tonight and she left pretty much as soon as Milly and I got back.  They went to… I forget which place.  It’s a place we’ve heard really good things about where you can get tacos for a dollar with the purchase of a drink.

Milly and I didn’t do too much.  Amanda left at about a quarter of seven and Milly, with Bruce, was taking a bath by 7:15 or so.  Once she got out she wanted to run around naked in our room.  She requested in the way that only a two-year-old can that I “get out” and “shut the door.”  I parked myself in her room and kept an ear out for any unexpected noises while I did some reading.  I heard nothing but the occasional laugh or squeal, which is a common thing when she’s excited about seeing Bruce.  He and Cobb were both in the room with her.

When I did go back in to get Milly at about five ’til eight the only damage I saw was that she’d unraveled a good bit of yarn, but that was easily fixed.  I’d also forgotten that she was nekkid, but she hadn’t made any mess from that.  I got her ready for bed, laid down with her for a few minutes then excused myself.

Most of the rest of the night until Amanda got home was spent working on yet another website idea.  Aside from a little bit of tidying up, I pretty much finished it up.  The next step will be to SEO the crap out of it and see if I can’t make some money off of it.

When Amanda got home we gave Harvey a bath.  That poor dog is terrified of going into the bathroom, much less getting in the tub.  I had to drag him in there then ply him off the floor, where he left a little small, fear-inspired pee spatter.  He was starting to smell though, and he looks and smells so much better after his ordeal.

Zach Dotsey