Amanda and I decided to take Milly to see Cars 2 this afternoon.  Sadly, I missed the last half hour or so if it and so did Milly.  She started to get restless so at first I just walked around inside the theater with her.  There weren’t too many people anyway.  We ended up walking up and down the hall a couple of times and once she went from one side of the theater to the other at the front.  Eventually I just took her out and let her sit on the arcade racing machines and push buttons.

Amanda texted me to see if she should come on out, but I told her Milly was behaving fine and there was no reason for us both to miss the movie.  I later thought that it would have been better if she had been the one to watch Milly because they could have gone shopping or something.

I was enjoying the movie, but I’m sure I’ll catch the rest of it at some point in the future.  On the plus side, no money came out of our pockets to see it.  We had a free ticket from when my parents got Milly the original Cars, Milly was free because she’s two and under, and we have a gift card.  So if you do ocunt the balance spent on the gift card, we only paid for one ticket, which we’ll say was Amanda’s, since she got to see the whole thing.

After the movie we took Milly to Learning Express to waste some time until Michael, Jenn and Michael’s friend Chris Flowers, who was in town just to hang out for a bit, showed up for us to all go eat at PT’s.  Milly wasn’t best pleased at leaving the toys at Learning Express, but she got over it quick enough.

After we ate at PT’s we all went to The Fuzzy Peach.  Amanda and Jenn sat with Milly on a couch while Michael, Chris and I sat at a table next to it.  Chris and I talked about kids.  His boy, Jonah, is about nine months old.

We put Milly down soon after getting home.  Amanda invited Cyra over after I told her I’d be working late tonight.  They talked for a while then looked for something to watch on Netflix, but they couldn’t decide on anything so they asked me to pick.  I chose Almighty Thor, a SyFy original movie that Amanda and I had seen clips of on The Soup.  And yeah, it was bad.  When I finished working I joined them in making fun of the movie.  I think my favorite part was when Thor pulled his giant hammer out of a trench coat, though it seems to have just suddenly appeared there.

Zach Dotsey