Amanda got a call from her mom while we were at Anna and Barry’s for dinner tonight.  Earl, Amanda’s grandfather, had been afraid that Peggy, his wife, had had a stroke.  She had sat down, her eyes rolled back and she wasn’t able to communicate with him for a time.  Earl called an ambulance and Karen was on her way over there.  Anna and Barry said it sounded more like a seizure, and because of a condition Peggy’s had for a few weeks she may have been dehydrated, which reinforced their diagnosis.

Amanda’s dad, Phil, followed the ambulance.  Karen picked Earl up and they drove together.  She’s at a hospital in Kenansville, if I remember correctly.

It was a scary thing, to be sure.  Little was known by the end of the night except that it seems to have stemmed from some combination of a condition she’s had for some time and an infection.  The doctor was going to give her some antibiotics and everyone seems to feel pretty good about it for now.  It’s not over yet, of course, so keep Peggy in your prayers.

Backing up, I was up early this morning to run a camera at church.  They changed things up a bit as far as how that’s done, with a lot more notes and discussion about what shots to look for, plus a review between services.  I thought it was all to the good.

I picked Milly and Amanda up between services and got back in time to drop Milly off at Grow Zone and make it to the production meeting.  I ended up talking to Mark Loudermilk for a while in the green room after the set and was only in for the sermon for a few minutes.  It was a good talk with Mark though.  After the service we joined some of the production team and some of the church staff in eating some leftovers from yesterday’s cookout.

Milly and I took naps when we got home then we went to the Frazelles’.  We were going to go out on the beach, but it was so humid that nobody really wanted to bother.  Barry and I went to pick up some pizza that we ate with a salad Anna prepared then finished it off with some strawberry cake (and ice cream for some of us).

Karen was supposed to leave in the afternoon or evening to join us, but she’d heard there were some storms brewing, then Richlands actually got some pretty bad storms.  Of course, it ended up being for the best because she probably would have ended up leaving to go back to help her parents.

Milly was very entertaining today, and has been lately.  One thing she says a lot when she heard a noise is something she picked up from Yo Gabba Gabba: “What was that sound?  What made that noise?”  She says it all together though, like this: “Eh ee ee sound, eh ee ee noise?”  Then she’ll put her hand on her ear and ask, “Do you hear it?”  And no matter how much you answer her she’ll just keep repeating the question to you.

She kept dragging people off to different parts of the Frazelle house.  At one point I found her and “B” in “Kookie”‘s room listening to Animal Collective.  They were marching around in circles, dancing.  She also kept trying to take people back to Anna’s Pilates machine.

Zach Dotsey