I had a very busy day today.  Milly was good, but she was very active and she didn’t even show signs of being tired until the late afternoon, despite the number of phone calls I had.  She wanted to go upstairs at one point, but she wanted to hang out in my and Amanda’s room.  She did request her blanket and paci and was on a pillow on the floor though, so I hoped maybe she’d fall asleep in there.  She never did.

Amanda called some time around lunch I think.  She’d talked to her dad earlier in the day and was told that her grandmother had two blood clots and that it wasn’t likely anything to worry much about.  Then she talked to Anna and Barry, who told her that it could be something to worry about.  Amanda wasn’t sure what to do, so I told her to just come on home and we’d talk about it.  She stopped by Michael’s work on the way home, but he couldn’t get anyone to cover him.  He’s going up to Richlands tonight and will be going to visit his grandmother tomorrow with his mom.

Amanda wanted to go see her grandma “because, what if” and she kind of wanted to take Milly too.  As Milly hadn’t napped yet (and she’s gotten back into taking naps, thankfully), we decided it might not be the best idea.  Amanda did have me print up a recent picture of Milly to take with her though.  It’s the one above, taken on her second birthday with her Rapunzel doll, which her G.G. gave her.  (Side note: The image is actually portrait-oriented and was cropped to fit as the featured image for this post.)

The Frazelle girls came to pick Amanda up at about 3:00 I think.  We had just gotten Milly down in her crib and she had asked for her mommy after I had been in bed with her for a few minutes.  Amanda’s leaving upset her mightily, but she was tired and was quiet and, presumably, asleep a few minutes later.

After I’d finished work and Milly woke up I talked to Amanda, who was at the hospital.  Milly and I both talked to G.G. a little bit, though Milly, having just awoken, wasn’t in the most social of moods.

I was taking her out to get a few things and let her pick out her dress.  She chose a navy sailor-style dress that she had never worn before and was just a little too small for her, not to mention that it’s a little more frilly than her usual fare.  She chose it though.

Amanda seemed to feel a lot better about her grandmother’s condition after she got home.  I pray that it’s well-founded and that Peggy will recover as best she can.

We were going to watch Beauty and the Beast tonight, but the DVD from Netflix was too badly damaged.  Hopefully we’ll get another one tomorrow, though we’re having a small group cookout so we won’t get a chance to watch it with her then either.

Amanda got home and I worked late into the night.  Well, relatively late anyway.  She watched the finale of The Bachelorette while I built a couple websites.

I had a dream this morning that I was having to help people with their websites who had no idea what they were doing and couldn’t understand what I was trying to tell them.  When I woke up, about an hour before Milly should have been awake, Amanda told me that Milly was at her bedroom door and was talking in her high-pitched toy voice.

Speaking of toys, Milly really took to a mermaid doll someone (my mom, my sisters?) had bought for her last time we were in Rougemont.  I also noted how well she was holding a pen today, though to Amanda’s dismay it was in her right hand.  She really enjoyed writing on paper today.  And I also noticed how much more truly conversational she is when talking, how much she’s putting together full thoughts and sentences.  My baby girl’s getting all growed up.

Zach Dotsey