We cooked turkey burgers for small group tonight, though the group was extra small.  The Andrews were out and the Ayars canceled due to Peyton having a fever, so it was us, the Johnsons and Steph.

It was the first time we’d seen any of them in a while since Steph Moorehead had been doing some traveling and the Johnsons had been away for Campus Crusades all summer and just got back yesterday.  We had a good time catching up, but Milly and Jacob pretty much stole the night.  Milly was very hyper to see Jacob, who is almost as tall as she is now.  Jacob was more excited to see Bruce and Harvey and Milly’s toys at first, but as the night wore on the two of them played together and made a bunch of noises at each other.

While we were getting food together, Reece, who spent about ten minutes peeling cheese off a block for his burger, dropped said burger on the ground just as he was finishing up his masterpiece.  Not a minute later I knocked a cup I had filled with apple juice for Milly.  It teetered and spilled a healthy portion, but at least it didn’t fall all the way over.

In addition to the burgers, Amanda made her famous salad.  Steph M. brought chips and a delicious dip that she made while Reece and Stephanie brought a chocolate pie with ice cream.  I probably could have eaten half the thing by myself, it was so good.

The rest of the day prior to all of that mostly involved me catching up on work.  I’ve got a bit to do tomorrow, but that assignment didn’t come in until late today anyway.

Zach Dotsey