We planned on going to the beach today, but Milly was fussy not too long after we finished breakfast, so we put her down for a nap.  It also rained a good bit today and we ended up just sitting around for most of the day.  I played some College Hoops 2K7 and Amanda decided to watch Lost from the beginning.

We did end up going out around 5:00.  We went downtown and walked from one side of the Riverwalk to the other, stopping on the way back to get some Kilwin’s ice cream.  We learned that the horses that pull the trolley are stabled at a place a few blocks away for a week at a time, then they get to go to a place across the river for a while to rest and have some more room.

We also saw a fender bender.  Two cars were in a place to do a u-turn when the one in front backed into the one behind it.  I saw it about to happen but there was nothing I could do from where I was.  The guy who caused the accident felt terrible and the guy whose car got hit seemed pretty understanding.  He should have moved his car though, since he was blocking most of his lane of Market Street.  I think one car ended up getting damaged by trying to squeeze through the narrow space available to it and went up on the high curb then came down.

On the way home we stopped at Target to pick a few things up and ended up staying there for a while since Milly was having a lot of fun playing with toys in the toy section.  Mater, Lightning McQueen, other cars, plastic dinosaurs, big balls, little balls and more… she played with a bunch of stuff and probably would have stayed there all night if we’d let her.

After we put Milly down Amanda and I both did what we were doing earlier in the day.  I had actually started over on College Hoops because I couldn’t find my previously-saved game and I thought, why not?  For the heck of it, I started out coaching The Citadel and had a decent first season until I got more interested in the recruiting aspect of the game than I did actually playing the games, so I just simmed a bunch of the games and took the results.  Then I simmed all the way through the next season, but it was going terribly so I sort of semi-cheated.  Once it got to conference tournament time, I saved the game before playing each basketball game and simmed it until I got a win, saved it, then simmed again until I ended up not only winning the conference tournament to get an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament, but I also went on a tear (using the save-and-sim method).  The Citadel ended up with the play-in game, won that then went on to beat #1 seeded Kansas.  I got all the way to the Final Four, but after saving, simming and reloading a whole bunch of times without a win, I decided to let it go.  I mean, getting a 16 seed to the Final Four was good enough for me.  I’m sure it busted the brackets of literally every virtual person inside that video game world, but you know 95% of all those little virtual college hoops fans were rooting for The Citadel.

I talked to both my mom and Andra this morning.  Mom and I mostly just chatted and I talked about next week with Andra.  She, Josh, Jackson and Addison are coming to visit, though she’s not sure if they’re coming Thursday night or Friday and she hasn’t decided if they’re leaving Monday or Tuesday.

After I talked to her Amanda and I realized what a busy schedule we’ve got coming up.  So the Sawyers are coming next weekend, then Amy’s parents are staying with us for a few nights.  Warkentien Child #2 is due any day now, so they’ll be in town to visit and help out, and there’s not going to be a lot of room at Nick and Amy’s.  There may or may not be a little overlap with Andra’s visit.

Then the following weekend the Lambeths are coming for a visit, and the weekend after that is Labor Day, I think, so we’ll be at Topsail.  A few weeks after that we’ll be going up to Rochester to visit my mom, then we don’t have anything planned until Yo Gabba Gabba.  Busy time ahead.

Zach Dotsey