Amanda, Karen and I watched Brothers tonight.  We went into it knowing it wasn’t a feel-good movie, but, semi-spoiler alert here, it wasn’t quite as not feel-good as I thought it was going to be.  Definitely made you think about all the stories you hear of troops coming home and not being able to adjust to family life again.

The rest of our Sunday was pretty much the Sunday formula.  Church, Atlanta Bread, Barnes & Noble, naps for Milly and me.  Amanda and I never could decide on something to do, so I mowed the lawn then went surfing with Barry.

Surfing was fun.  I was reminded how much more comfortable I am using Terry now than I used to be.  I caught a good number of waves, got a few nice turns and all.  The water was crowded in spots, and when I got out of the water after drifting towards (but not near) the pier, I walked halfway back up that section of the beach and got back in where it was much less crowded.  I don’t know if that was just a better spot or the waves had picked up (a combination of both, I suspect), but I had the most fun then.

Karen was here when I got home.  She and Amanda and Milly had picked up some Elizabeth’s pizza and I ate most of what was left.  I tend to be pretty hungry after surfing.  Karen was on the phone with her mother because Peggy had a rash or something.  We later came to suspect that her shingles had flared up, and she and Earl weren’t wanting to trouble her doctor.  I swear, at their age you’d think they’d be more concerned about health issues, but Karen had to try really hard to get them to agree to maybe calling the doctor.

Zach Dotsey