See that large pile of tree limbs behind me?  You do, but you can’t see all of it.  I spent my evening cutting limbs off trees then cutting up the limbs to make them easier to put in a pile until I got tired of sawing them and just threw them all together.  Now I’ll just have to wait a while for the limbs to die off and hopefully collapse in on themselves a little.  I did this tonight because the limbs on the trees next to our driveway were so low that when it rained the leaves would touch the top of the Jetta.  I also did it because I had a mind to start jogging this afternoon, but Amanda and Karen both said it was too hot and I should saw off limbs instead, since Karen had brought some saws.  I’d forgotten about that, so that’s what I did.  I ended up getting enough of a workout.

See the dark spot covering pretty much all of my shirt?  That’s how much I was sweating.  That saw in my hands?  I couldn’t get it to collapse.  I thought it was just because my hands were sore and I couldn’t get a good grip so Karen helped me.  Together we still couldn’t loosen the part you twist so the pole can go in on itself.  Amanda ended up getting Bonnie’s cousin Billy to come over and help.  He couldn’t get it either, but fortunately he had a wrench and I had a wrench so we were able to loosen it enough so I could make it smaller and put it in Karen’s van.

See the shorts I was wearing?  I wasn’t thinking when I went outside and I wore my newest shorts.  That was stupid, but fortunately nothing happened to them.  When I took my clothes off to get in the shower they felt like I’d jumped in a lake with them on.

The rest of my day was very busy.  I was really glad Karen came to take care of Milly today because with all I had going on I don’t know what I’d have done if I had to watch her too.  Karen told me that she and Milly had spent the entire time they were away at Brilliant Sky.  Milly came home two toys richer: she got a yellow car with eyes on it (Yellow Car) and a block set of some sort.  Milly was very good the entire time they were out, I was told, and she was very affectionate when she got home.  She went down for a nap a little after 3:00 and was down until a little after 5:30.

Karen went back out to do some shopping or something and returned a minute or two before Amanda got home.  She brought smoothies for us along with another toy for Milly, which was a sink with a bunch of water toy accessories.  She put that together while I was out chopping limbs.  She was a little disappointed though, Karen was, because the water is done via a manual pump whereas the picture on the front of the box shows water flowing out of the faucet.  Milly enjoyed it nonetheless.  She ended up naked (with mosquito bites on her hiney) and kept trying to get into the sink, which was put out on the back porch.

Amanda has officially given up on Game of Thrones I guess.  We were both worn out this evening and I was digging around through Netflix to find something for us to watch, but we couldn’t agree on anything, so I suggested we watch Game of Thrones.  I turned it on and she did what she has pretty much always done when watching it, which was to get on Facebook and play with her iPad.  She’s never really given it a fair chance, but I could tell tonight that she was done even trying.  She pulled up Lost on her iPad and started watching that, so I surrendered the TV to her and came to the office to do some more work.

It’s a shame.  I really was hoping she’d be able to get into it.  Her loss, I guess.

Peggy’s doing fine, by the way.

I talked to Andra this morning and tonight.  She asked Addie who they were going to go see this weekend and she said, “The beach.”  Andra said, “Yes, we’re going to the beach, but who are we going to see?”  She said my name, and when Andra asked her who else, she said, “Mermaids.”  Apparently there’s a show she watches that has mermaids on it.  She did get around to saying Amanda and Milly too.

I talked to Aunt Robbie too.  We’ll be seeing her when we go visit Mom in Rochester.  She’s really hoping Milly will warm up to her on the trip.  She’s only seen her a couple of times and she’s been pretty shy with her for the most part so far.

Today was Amy’s due date for Baby Warkentien #2.  Amanda talked to her a little bit ago and there’s no action yet.

Zach Dotsey