I went for a jog today, and when I got back Milly peed in the potty for the first time ever!  This is, of course, a very exciting thing for me and Amanda, and we made sure to let Milly know how excited we were about it.  Lots of praise and dancing and the like.  She got a bowl of ice cream and Amanda’s going to get her a dollhouse tomorrow.

As I think I mentioned before, Milly’s been going around naked in the mornings for a little while without incident.  Today she wanted to wear a towel dress made of her blanket, which is just one of her blankets folded in half then wrapped around her and tucked in like you’d wear a towel.  For most of that day, that’s all she wore.

This afternoon I constantly heard Amanda asking Milly if she wanted to pee, and Milly always said no.  There was a point for about an hour where Amanda said Milly kept holding herself.  Milly still isn’t overly confident about sitting on the potty, so Amanda bribed her with chocolate chips.  Anyway, she eventually let out a good bit of pee and we were very excited.

So this jogging thing.  I said yesterday that I was planning on jogging, but didn’t get to since I was cutting trees and got a pretty good workout with that.  My goal is to do one physically active thing every day for at least 15 minutes.  Today I jogged to the far end of our street then jogged down all our side roads.  (I’ll need to measure that with the car or something.)  I was surprised that my endurance was as decent as it was, but I was very disappointed that my knee wouldn’t let me go as much as I wanted.  My right knee kept getting a sharp pain, so I alternated jogging and walking when it started bothering me too much.  So for example, I jogged to the end of the street then halfway down the first cul-de-sac and walked the rest of the way back up, jogged to the next street and did the same, or I’d jog down and back up a cul-de-sac (all the roads off our main one are short dead end roads) and walk a length of the main road.

In all I was out there for about 20 minutes.  It was hot outside, but I drank water throughout the day and it really didn’t bother me much at all, even though I had a nice covering of sweat.  Still, my knee pissed me off, and I’m hoping that as I do this more and more maybe the pain will work itself out.  I know that’s probably silly thinking, but it’s what I’m hoping.

Aside from being reminded that my knee is trying to crap out on me, I also learned that I need to run in higher socks.  The backs of both my ankles were raw, which I didn’t realize until I got in the shower and the water hit them.

Cyra watched Milly while we had small group tonight over at Reece and Stephanie’s.  Their AC is out and the guy we had come fix ours, Ryan Mattox, is coming to look at theirs tomorrow.  They had someone from Progress Energy come look at it because they’re on some kind of program where Progress can reduce their AC in order to conserve energy and they thought the control they have hooked up to it might have been at fault, but the Progress guy said something about the Freon being low.  Reece came over after we left small group to borrow some of our fans.

We made tonight a social since we figured it would be the first time everyone was back together again and would want to catch up, but we only had one more person than we had last week.  David was there, but Jamie had a home schoolers meeting and the Ayars’ babysitter was sick I think.  On top of that, Jacob was exposed to someone who had hand, foot and mouth disease and it’s not known whether he got it or not, so it wasn’t best to bring Peyton and Parker over.

There’s not too much to talk about regarding the rest of my day.  It was busy enough, but not crazy.  I’ve been trying some new things with Twitter for gaining legitimate followers and it’s working really well for the accounts I’ve tested it out on.

Zach Dotsey