As excited as we were about Milly using the potty yesterday, we didn’t have a repeat.  In fact, I don’t know if it was the fact that she was sick (runny nose, sniffles, coughing) or the fact that she became overly comfortable peeing, but not only did Milly not pee in the potty today, despite getting a promised dollhouse as a reward, she also peed on the floor, a kitchen chair and the couch.

On the plus side, Amanda washed the couch cushion covers and they look really nice.  Going back to another downside, now she wants to wash them all and she said they’re a pain to get on and off.

I went for a jog again today, though I ended up power walking more of it than yesterday.  It’s my damn right knee.  I was hoping that pushing through or doing it a few times would make the pain go away, but that’s obviously not going to happen.  I think I might try a knee brace to see if that helps.  In the meantime, I’ll jog until I feel like I can’t push my knee anymore, walk until it feels better then jog until I can’t take it again.

Jarrett McGowan came over for dinner.  He arrived just a few minutes after I got back and Amanda was about to head to the store, so the two of them went to the store while I took a shower.  Well, I was going to take a shower, but we wanted to pour some minty soap in the tub for Milly to help clear her up some, and to get the most out of that a bath was required.

After the bath Milly poured a cup of Cheerios into the sink after I specifically told her not to do it.  I got stern with her, which upset her.  It didn’t upset her in a bratty reaction way; I think it just made her sad.  She did a slow meltdown thing and looked like she wasn’t sure if she wanted to cry or not at first.

When we got downstairs Milly was shy around Jarrett at first, but by the time we finished dinner she was sitting next to him and getting him to draw things with paper and crayon for her.

Zach Dotsey