I feel like I’ve been scrubbing all day long today.  Milly drew in black colored pencil all over her dollhouse, a little on her kitchen set and some on the floor.  The kitchen set and floor weren’t too tough, but the dollhouse had a bunch of tiny texturing all over it.  Then tonight I helped Amanda clean the bathrooms.  I did the one downstairs and then went upstairs to help her finish that one up.  Counters, cabinets, floors, mirrors, toilets, even the wall upstairs.  They both look really nice though.

Milly and I walked over to Mary and Dave’s this morning to check on their cat.  It wasn’t too hot out, so after that I asked Milly if she’d like to walk to the store to get a doughnut, so we did.  I also picked up some yogurt for myself, though I later found out I’d picked up the wrong kind.

Here’s the deal.  I love, I mean LOVE, the Chobani pineapple yogurt.  It was on sale today, so I grabbed a couple containers of it.  Or I thought I did anyway.  It was actually the lemon kind, which I found out a few minutes ago.  I like lemon-flavored things and all, but in this case it just really doesn’t hold a candle to the pineapple.  Pineapple Chobani Yogurt is one of the best things there is.  Really.

Anyway, I carried Milly halfway there and the whole way back on my shoulders, so I counted that as my physical activity for the day.

You know how yesterday we had to wash a couple cushions because Milly had peed on the couch?  If you recall, I said that the cushions looked much nicer now.  Well, today Cobb decided to pee on the couch, so I went ahead and stripped all the cushions (which is when Milly drew all over everything) and washed all the covers.  As nice as they all look now, we’re really hoping this doesn’t mean Cobb will start peeing on the couch.  That would be a major difficulty right there.

Amanda brought some Cookout home for lunch.  We talked about work for a bit when she got home and Milly, who has taken to napping around noon, got up shortly after.  She (Milly) spent most of the afternoon nekkid, but she has yet to pee in the potty again.  No accidents today though, so that’s a plus.

Cyra came over again to babysit Milly, this time so we could go to a small group leaders meeting at church.  The talk was about suffering and how to talk to people about it.  When we broke out into pods, none of our people were there so we joined up with another sparse group.  One of the couples had lost a small child some time ago, and they were very open and sharing with how they coped with loss and suffering.  All in all, we had a really good discussion and got to know some people we only kind of knew before.

We saw Joel and Mia too.  Joel said he saw my comment about my knee bothering me while jogging and gave me a tip on a way to run that might reduce the pressure on it.  I hope that works.  I plan to do that first thing tomorrow, since I don’t know what will be going on tomorrow evening.

Cyra told us that when she told Milly it was time for bed, she said okay and headed towards the stairs, but stopped off to grab the green plastic phone from her kitchen set.  On the way up the steps, Milly held the phone to her ear and said, “Hello?  Going upstairs.”  We all thought that was pretty funny.  Like she had to make some important phone call on her way to bed to inform someone where she was going.

I talked to both of my sisters tonight.  Erin will be here tomorrow night, but Andra and crew are planning on leaving Gastonia early and plan to be here around 10.  I’m excited that we’ll have a day more than we thought we’d have with them.

Amanda and I, sitting on the same couch, had a couple of ongoing conversations via Facebook tonight.  Yeah, it was silly-stupid, but it’s kind of endearing.

Zach Dotsey