Milly was up a little after 7:00 this morning.  She usually sleeps later than usual, which until recently was 8 or 8:30, on Fridays.  Or maybe she would just stay quiet that long.  Now she’ll incessantly knock on the door until you come to get her in the mornings.

I got up, jogged and got some work in.  Amanda cleaned.  Milly was down for maybe 15 minutes, meaning she probably didn’t sleep at all.  When I went to put her down she said “sit Daddy,” and though it took me a minute to figure out, what she wanted was for me to sit up so she could lay her head on my thigh to sleep on.  It was very sweet, but it seemed to take her longer to fall asleep or get to the point where she wasn’t upset when I left.  Like I said though, she was down maybe 15 minutes after I left.

Andra, Josh, Jackson and Addison got here around 1:00, which Milly was very excited about.  We were soon all heading out to the beach.  We were afraid it was going to rain because it was pretty overcast, but it was actually great out.  It wasn’t too hot and the water was perfect.  After we went in from the beach we all hung out at the Frazelle house for a bit, where Micah Kolk sang a bit of Tear Me Up, the first track on the Rio Bravo CD Fences, and also Milly’s favorite song on it.  (Micah is the lead singer of said group, in case you miss the significance of me mentioning that.)

We got home and Erin got there not too long after.  I spent some time looking through my Xbox games for something that Jackson would like.  He decided on Left 4 Dead 2 all on his own after asking if I had any zombie games.

Milly, who never did take a nap today, was fussy going down.  I think there was just too much going on and she didn’t want to miss out on it.

Josh made enchiladas for dinner.  I think he used the same recipe as Amanda, but he loaded them up with some cheese.  They were very good.

Everyone was very tired tonight.  I was pretty sore in addition to being tired though.  I felt like a had a split in my left side or something, and I could feel some pressure every time I took a deep breath.  I’m guessing it’s from playing in the rough waves and lifting Addie a bunch from a sitting position while getting hit by said rough waves.  Hopefully, anyway.

Zach Dotsey