I want to send a special thanks to Joel Kay.  As I mentioned yesterday, Joel had seen where I was talking about how my knee was bothering me and he suggested a different way to jog.  Basically you try to keep your thighs as vertical as you can, which puts less pressure on the knee.

Well, I tried it this morning and it worked!  It took a good bit of effort because I was keeping myself pretty stiff.  In fact, it made me think about the way Tar Heel point guard Kendall Marshall runs because his back always looks so straight.  It’s uncanny and unnatural.

Anyway, since it’s different from the way I’ve run for the past 33 years, it took some effort.  It was slow going and I could definitely feel it in my thighs.  That will all obviously change once I’ve done it enough.  I got a reminder when I got away from it too, as my knee would start to act up.

I could feel the difference in my cardiovascular system too.  I got that feeling in my chest like I was actually putting in some effort.  I did walk for a a few stretches, but today it wasn’t because my knee was bothering me; it was because my legs aren’t used to working that way and I needed a short rest.

Anyway, thanks again, Joel, for helping me on my road to getting back in better shape.