We had a big breakfast of waffles, eggs and sausage this morning.  We were going to follow that up with a trip to the beach, but Milly got extremely fussy so we decided that it would probably be best to get her to take a nap before we went anywhere.  Never have I had to struggle so much with her.  I mean, she was angry!  She was kicking and yelling and all kinds of mad.  I held her tight until she finally calmed down.  She was out pretty quick after that.

The middle of the day shot, Erin and Amanda went to Victoria’s Secret where I was convinced to tell Amanda she could get a new bathing suit just because she let Erin take a picture of her in it and texted it to me.  The Sawyers went out to get some new trunks for Josh and then headed out to the beach.  We planned to meet up with them after Milly woke up, but by the time she did and Erin and Amanda got back, there wasn’t much point in it.  Erin took the downtime to style Amanda’s hair, and it looked really good.

The reason there wasn’t much point in it was because we were all going to Indochine for dinner tonight.  Andra had bought a bunch of groceries and we don’t generally keep much cash on-hand, so we paid them back with dinner.  We ate in one of the huts outside and everyone really enjoyed it.  Addison and Milly got up a couple times to walk around and ended up going to this one place to dance to the music that was playing.  They entertained a lot of people.  With the kind of music that was playing, I couldn’t help but think about them going dancing at clubs together when they’re (much) older.

Milly and Addie rode home with me and Amanda.  At one point they were tickling each other and Addie told Milly to stop, but then she kept tickling Milly so Milly told her “no tickle.”  I finally had to sternly tell them, “Nobody tickle anybody!”  Amanda has remarked that it’s the first time I’ve had to do that particular thing as a parent.

The other car took a detour to Target.  It was close to 8:30 when we got home so we went ahead and put Milly to bed.  Once everyone else got back to the house we played a game of Quelf, which is such a fun game.  Amanda got a horrible makeup job from me, I had to put ice down my shorts and roll around on the ground and all kinds of other shenanigans.  Amanda won and I lost, though it was more from crappy rolls than anything else.

Zach Dotsey