Jackson went to church with me, Amanda and Milly this morning.  He seemed to really enjoy himself.  Afterwards we met up with Andra, Josh, Addie and Erin at Atlanta Bread, took the kids to Barnes & Noble then headed over to the beach.

The waves were a bit calmer today and were decent for learning, so I took Jackson surfing a bit.  I’d push the board and then jump on with him.  On our second session I pushed him by himself and told him to stand up, but he fell off and when he stood up I remembered that I forgot to teach him one of the important rules of surfing, which is to stay under for a few seconds.  When he got up the board smacked him in the back of the head, which did not feel very good.  That was it for him and surfing today, though I did a little bit of it myself.  Later, after jumping and riding waves with his dad, he tried to convince me that that was more fun than surfing.

The girls mostly hung out in a couple little pools they’d dug out.  Andra and I spent some time in the shallow water letting the tide push and roll us around, which was kind of fun.

We were out at the beach for quite a while.  We went in and hung out at the Frazelles’ for a little while then stopped at The Fuzzy Peach on the way home.  The girls were a little cranky when we did get home, but neither one had a nap today.  We gave them baths then put Milly down at 8:00.

We had leftovers for dinner: enchiladas, curry and rice.  Afterwards Amanda and I played Carcassonne with Josh.  I was behind most of the game, but I got all the resources and had a lot of farm points and ended up killing it.

After everyone else had gone to sleep, Andra and I chatted for a bit.  I Survived or I Shouldn’t Be Alive had been on all night, so we got to talking about all the things to worry about as parents, and then just how effed up this world can be in general.  It was really a pretty horrific conversation and I expect to have nightmares.

Zach Dotsey