Amanda sicked up this morning, so she called in and went to work late.  I didn’t get much work done myself today until the house cleared out around noon.  Not that anyone was in the way, but it was just hard to concentrate with three kids running around.

Erin left early to get back home for work, but she called me later and told me she was having some bad problems with her back.

Milly had an adventure with her cousins today.  Andra and Josh took her, Addie and Jackson out.  The first stop was the splash pad.  Josh told me Milly got hit with a water canon by some little girl and she was pretty much done from that point on.  After that they had lunch at Dixie Grill then went to the Children’s Museum.  Until we looked at the price yesterday, we thought kids two and under were free, but they’re not.  Andra said they had fun, but it wasn’t quite worth $8 a pop.

When they got back the girls were about dead(Addie had passed out in the car) and Jackson did what he had done this entire trip when he’s home and not sleeping, which was to play video games.  I think he was mostly playing Crackdown or Call of Duty 4.

Milly’s Nana and her friend Eleanor were in town shopping, so they stopped by for a few.  I think Karen just couldn’t stay away from Milly for a week.  Amanda was a little late coming home and the two of them took off just about as soon as she got home.

Josh picked up some oven-bake pizzas for dinner.  We gave the girls baths and it was pretty close to Milly’s bedtime, so we let her stay up there while Milly was prepped for bed.  We played Hold Still and they both got their wiggles out.  When we asked Milly what she wanted to thank Jesus for, her only answer was Auntie Rin.  I thought that was sweet.

Amanda, Josh, Andra and I played another game of Carcassonne, which I won again.  On a roll, I guess.  I also won a game of Dominion against Andra and Josh, who have been playing it lately, after Amanda went to bed.  That was really was a shock.  Josh had lots of money and kept buying Province cards.  I think I had one or two, but I had a lot of Duchies and Nobles, which added up to a surprisingly convincing victory.  It was the first time the Sawyers had played with Intrigue cards, for what it’s worth.

Zach Dotsey