My sister’s crew left around noon today.   Andra made a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon and cinnamon rolls before they left.  Milly and Addie were playing the best they’ve played all weekend, running around in towel dresses made of Milly’s blankets.

On a side note, Milly has started dragging her blankets around by holding onto one corner of them, whereas before she’d just hold whatever part of it.

After Andra and crew took off, stopping off at Cape Fear Games to pick up the Intrigue and Seaside expansions for Dominion, Milly took a nap.  Once again, she wanted to lay her head on my lap to go to sleep.  It’s very sweet, but it takes her longer to let me go without fussing that way.

I got a good bit of work done, Amanda cleaned up and Amanda’s friend, Robin, who was in town, came by for a bit.  I pretty much just said “hi” and “bye” to her though, as I was pretty occupied during her visit.

I have tried calling and talking to my brother a couple times over the past few weeks, but never really got in touch with him.  He called me on his way home from work and we chatted for a bit.

Amanda informed me of tonight’s small group topic (which I can’t get in to for now, just in case) and I decided to stay home to keep working.  Since I did want to get some stuff done, Kirsten still came over to watch Milly.  I wanted to take my jog too, and when I came back past the house I saw Milly walking down the walkway, naked but for her bright yellow Crocs and a purple bead necklace.  Kirsten said some girls who had walked by got a good laugh out of it.

When I came back by the house again Milly wanted to hold my hand and walk down the road.  We went down the first street and were running (by Milly’s standards) when she fell and skinned her knees.  She looked like she was going to be upset, but she didn’t cry.  I carried her back and poured some “magic water” (hydrogen peroxide) on it.  She liked the bubbles and wanted more magic water, but I didn’t let her have any.

Milly and Kirsten spent the rest of the evening playing with the dollhouse.  She named the little girl that came with it Kooky, which is what she calls Kirsten.  I watched them play for a little bit after getting some work done, which was very entertaining to me.

Kirsten left after we got Milly ready and in bed.  Milly played with her Rex and Woody dolls more than she has before and growled a lot for Rex.  After she got in bed, Milly thanked Jesus for Uncle Josh and Addie then said goodnight to B, Anna, Scout, Cyra, Jackson, Addie, Auntie Rin, Aunt Dra, Wonder Pets and I think a few others.  Then she told me that Mommy, Daddy, Cobb, Bruce and Harvey were sleeping.

Amy’s parents were going to come stay with us tonight, but Nick told me they were going to stay in a tent outside.  Whatever makes them happy, I texted back to him.  A little later Nick texted that it looked like tonight was the night for Warkentien #2 to arrive.

While I was out jogging I got a call from my dad.  He said he’ll be going to Kentucky next week to help Baba get ready to move into a retirement community.  The house, which he and his siblings grew up in, is going to be sold to the city (or the state, not sure) because it’s in a flood zone, as are a few other houses in the neighborhood.  That’s not so bad, but what sucks is that they’re going to tear it down.  I’m really bummed about that.  I love that house and I’ve got so many memories tied up in it.  I mean, Baba and Pap lived in that house since long before I was born, and we’ve stayed there almost every single summer since we moved to North Carolina.  I just can’t believe that there will be nothing there at all.  The porch we’ve spent so many July days on will be gone.  I guess trees will eventually be allowed to grow up over the landscaped garden and basketball court.  It just makes me sad.

The good part of it is that Baba will get  a good bit of money and nobody will have to worry about finding a buyer or paying a real estate agent or anything.  That’s something anyway.

I want to go to Lexington with my dad next week, but it might be pretty hard to work it out.

Zach Dotsey