Amanda, Milly and I watched Ratatouille tonight.  It’s nice when we have movie nights wherein Milly will actually sit on the couch with us and enjoy it.  She was like that tonight, really engaged in the movie.  Amanda and I enjoyed it too.  And with this movie, Amanda and I have now seen every Pixar feature film to date (with the exception of the last half of Cars 2 for me).  Milly has seen them all except for A Bug’s Life and Toy Story 2 (and the second half of Cars 2).

My beloved Duke Blue Devil played the China Under 23 National Team today and won by 13.  It was the first of three preseason exhibition games and the only one not to be televised.  From reports, Austin Rivers, the highly-touted top freshman in his class, is looking good.  I’m just excited to be able to watch Duke play so long before the season really starts.  What’s going to suck is that it’ll whet my appetite for the college hoops season, but then I’ll have to wait a couple months before it really begins.

Milly kind of peed in the potty again today, though I didn’t realize it until I noticed she had stuffed her blanket between her legs into the potty and it was slightly damp in a spot when I pulled it out.  Still, I guess that counts.

Amanda and I watched The Soup after we put Milly to bed.  I didn’t go running today because my right foot feels bruised.  I don’t know if it’s the way I’m running or something else entirely, but I didn’t feel like putting any pressure on it.

Zach Dotsey