There were waterspouts on Carolina Beach today, possibly on Wrightsville, too.  I saw several videos of people getting close to them and you could see at least one little girl running when it started moving towards the guy filming it.  I even heard a report on the news that one girl got close enough to be lifted up by one, though it was only momentarily and she came back down.  These people are idiots.  A waterspout is just a tornado over the water.  You don’t stand around with kids and let it come towards you and you sure as hell don’t try to get sucked up into one.  There’s no telling what kind of debris could be in it or what it could do to you.  Idiots.

In nicer news, Duke played the Chinese team again and won by 12 or 13 or so.  This time it was on TV, so I got to watch it this morning while I was working.  Ryan Kelly is looking awesome.  There have also been improvements by Miles Plumlee and Andre Dawkins, Seth Curry looked good and Austin Rivers did well too, though he’d have done better if the floors weren’t so slick.  Duke would have run away with the game but for the decidedly one-sided officiating.  There was some serious Chinese home cooking going on.

I talked to Jason for a bit today.  It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with each other.  He’s cohabitating with Liz and said that’s going along fine.  He talked a little about her son, Luke, and I said to him, “Jason, who would have thought a year ago that you and I would be discussing parenting?”  He answered, “Who would have thought a year ago that my kid would be older than yours?”  That made me laugh pretty hard.

Amanda and I went to Chick-Fil-A with the Cains tonight, then we went out on the beach with them for a bit.  We hadn’t planned on going, so Milly was just down to her diapers after a while.  Of course she got them soaked.

The Lambeth clan is on the way and should be here before long.

Zach Dotsey