Ben and I walked to the store with Milly and Graelyn in the wagon this morning.  We carried them through the store with it and loaded them up on the trip back.  The girls were very chatty pretty much the whole time, but I couldn’t tell you half of what they were talking about.

We had a nice big breakfast then went out to the beach.  The surf was really nice, but it was pretty crowded and we weren’t out all that long, so I didn’t surf.  The girls had a lot of fun though.  I guess Daniel did too, but he was in a little sun tent the whole time.  He still somehow managed to get sand all over himself.

I did a bit of work when I got home then later in the afternoon I went to a meeting with Ben.  The company he works for has an office really close to the house.  They’re in desperate need of a new website, and the guy that can possibly make that happen is in said office, so we all got together and talked about what they’re wanting done, what features they’d like to have in a website.

After that we met the rest of the family at Islands.  When Milly saw me she ran up to me and said, “Fuzzy Peach!”  It’s in the same shopping center as Islands, so of course we went there after we finished eating.

After we got home the girls played a bit then had a bath and went to bed.  The diaper I took off Milly when she got in the bathtub was extremely full, but I didn’t think anything of tossing it down the stairs (since we just take dirty diapers to the trash outside anyway).  I will be thinking something of that from now on as that one busted and made a mess of all the absorbent junk contained inside.  Amanda tried to vacuum it up, but our vacuum, which isn’t very old at all, picked then to start acting funny.

After all the kiddies were in bed we played a game of Phase 10, which I won.  Ben started out leading and I stayed pretty consistently in second place for most of the game.  When that was done we all watched The Soup.

Zach Dotsey