We went downtown after breakfast this morning and spent a good bit of time just walking around.  We stopped by Port City Java, where Milly had to be bribed with a chocolate chip muffin to give Michael a hug.  Next we stopped by Java Dog, where Jenn greeted us at the entrance to The Cotton Exchange and got a huge hug from Milly.  Milly really loves her some Jenn.

We went to the bead store there, where Milly counted out some stones.  Then we went out and around the back, where a guy was playing bagpipes.  The advertising worked: I now know that The Cotton Exchange has a Scottish store.  Other than that we just walked around for a while.  Nothing really of note, but it was a nice day out and I always enjoy downtown Wilmington.

Everyone but Amanda and Jessica took naps after we got back.  The aforementioned ladies went shopping at Mayfaire.  Ben “broke” the kitchen trashcan, which we’ve had since we lived in Raleigh.  By “broke” I mean he was the one who probably just happened to step on the pedal to open the top at just the moment it decided to give out.  They insisted on buying a new trashcan for us, which we refused, but Jessica picked one up from Bed Bath & Beyond while they were out.

Later on we had dinner and went for a walk to the store to buy lottery tickets.  We didn’t have any cash, but Ben was nice enough to provide some and split the winnings.  $6 was spent, $4 was won.

Michael and Jenn came by and played Settlers of Catan with us using Michael’s board.  Jenn, who either hadn’t played before or had only played once and forgot how, won.  It was a pretty tight game.

Zach Dotsey