We did the usual Sunday morning thing: church, Atlanta Bread and Barnes & Noble, but this morning we just added a quartet of Lambeths to the mix.  The Barnes & Noble trip wasn’t a long one as they had to take off to get back for some things back home this evening, so when they got home they packed up and headed on out.

Once the house got back to the normal occupancy level, Milly and I took naps (though mine was only a short one).

I called around to look into options for getting to Durham a few days from now.  As I think I mentioned, my dad is going to Lexington to visit Baba, his mom, and I really want to go along with him.  She’ll be moving into a retirement community and the county will be buying the house then knocking it down.  My dad is leaving Wednesday afternoon, but Amanda and I only have the one car right now so I don’t have a way to get there.  Wilmington is two and a half hours from Rougemont in the wrong direction, so it’s not like he could just swing by and pick me up.

Anna and Barry have some extra cars, having just recently bought some new older cars for Hannah and Kirsten, so I tried calling Barry.  He was actually at a dental thing out in Arizona, but I thought I might be able to catch him in-between sessions.  I left him a message and then, after a while, decided I should go ahead and call Anna.

I explained the situation to Anna and she didn’t hesitate in telling me I could borrow one of their cars.  She said she’d just have to talk to Barry about which one they’d want to let me use.  Barry called back later, not having talked to Anna yet.  I explained the situation to him too, though I told him I’d already talked to Anna, and just like his wife he didn’t hesitate with an answer, though he said, “Oh yeah, take the black X3.”

I was really touched by how quick they were to help me out.  They’ve always been so good to us and so giving of their time and resources.  They’re not just great family, but great friends as well.

Karen arrived tonight and we all put Milly to bed then watching The Invention of Lying.  I thought the first bit of it was pretty good and funny, but then it bogged itself down in romantic comedy-ism and religious commentary.

Zach Dotsey