I got to watch Duke vs. the Under 23 Chinese National Team Part 3 today.  Duke won again, completing a sweep of the Chinese team.  Work was pretty busy, so I didn’t get to pay as much attention to the game as I’d have liked, but at least I still got to watch a Duke basketball game two months before the college basketball season starts.  Next up: the United Arab Emirates National Team in Dubai.

Karen took Milly to Hugh MacRae Park today and they fed the geese.  She said Milly really liked that.  Then they went to Brilliant Sky, a toy store at Mayfaire.  Karen got Milly some small rubber frogs.  When they left, the clerk gave Karen a plastic camel to give to Milly because she said she was so good.  That camel will become one of Milly’s potty surprises.

Milly found a new movie to watch on Netflix.  I think she chose it because she likes Winnie the Pooh and the bear on the cover was the same color as Pooh Bear.  This one was called Moonbeam Bear and it was, to Amanda and I, awful.  The story was weird, the acting was poor, the music was hokey.  It’s the type of movie that makes parents really and truly appreciate what Pixar does.  Milly, of course, seemed to like it.

For my part, since this was my last night with Milly for a while, I just wanted to hang out and do whatever she wanted to do.  As much as Amanda and I didn’t enjoy the movie, it was nice to sit together and watch a movie as a family.

Amanda’s been playing a lot of Words with Friends lately.  It’s a Scrabble-like game that you can play on mobile devices or on Facebook.  I had it a while back, but for some reason it stopped working.  I decided to delete it and load it on my iPhone once more, and it worked this time, so I’m playing that again.

Zach Dotsey