Once again I’ve fallen behind in keeping up with the site.  It’s not that nothing’s been going on.  On the contrary, it seems like a bit has.  I just got backed up in March or so and I got backed up again around the time of the trip to Kentucky, mainly because of a lack of internet.  I’ll try to do at least two posts a day once I get back from Rochester, since I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a hard time keeping up there too, particularly since Amanda’s convinced me not to take the laptop.


I kept myself pretty busy today.  Milly, as she has been lately, was very interactive this morning, meaning I wasn’t able to concentrate on work things as much as I’d have liked.  At one point she went back to the office and wanted to play with her play sink.  I wanted to get some stuff done and knew I wouldn’t be able to if I let her play outside.  I decided to totally ignore good judgment and put it in the kitchen then half-filled it with water.  Yes, I knew it would end up a mess.  It didn’t go as bad as I thought it might, and not nearly as bad as it could have, but I did end up using a towel to clean up the results and Milly ended up stripped down to her diaper.

Amanda dropped the car off at Bob King Volkswagen and got a ride back from Stephanie Johnson.  While she was away Milly saw Kenzie and Kimber across the street and bugged me about going to see them until I relented and took her over there.  They all played outside for a while.  Kimber had injured herself by stepping on a toy at school today, so she was hobbling around (except for when she forgot to hobble).  All the girl plus Milly’s Dad (that’s what they call me) got outlines of themselves drawn in chalk on the street.  It looked like a daycare center massacre or something.  Kimber went back and drew a line of pee on one of my outlines and even included a puddle.

Amanda had spent most of the night getting ready for the trip and managed to pack just about everything in a duffel bag we bought for Milly a few weeks ago.  I was impressed.  We wouldn’t even need a second bag if not for needing to take some supplies to keep Milly occupied (and the big camera with its flash).

After Milly had a bath and went to bed we finished getting things ready, including printing up our boarding passes.  Unfortunately, the planes we’re taking don’t have three seats on any one side so I’ve agreed to let Amanda sit with Milly.  On the first flight I’m actually going to be across the aisle and back a row, which sucks.  I told Amanda that she absolutely had to get video of Milly during takeoff.  Maybe whoever is seated next to them will be by themselves and won’t mind switching.

Amanda wanted to watch some TV to wind down, but there wasn’t really anything on.  We checked out Showtime On Demand and there was nothing I really cared to watch on that either, but Piranha was on and it’s the type of movie Amanda likes.  It was basically a Syfy movie with bigger-name actors, a little more budget and a lot of fake boobs.  To clarify, it’s the cheesy Syfy movies she likes, but I don’t think she cares much about boobs, fake or otherwise.

Zach Dotsey