We landed about ten after four. It took us a minute to get out of the gate area because Milly, who was just starting to show her first signs of wearing down, after we got off the plane, wanted to help push the stroller.

Mom and Aunt Robbie were waiting for us right at the place we came out. Milly took absolutely no time warming up. Mum Mum carried her to the car and once in the car, sitting in the back with me and Aunt Robbie, she was just constantly chattering away at her.

Mom took us to a place called Wegman’s to eat. She described it as a grocery store, and my dad had talked about what a cool grocery store it was, but the place blew me away. It was a grocery store, but it was also a buffet where you could eat there, and it served pretty much any kind of food you could imagine. Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, pizzas, vegetarian, desserts, fruits, you name it. And the place was jam packed! I talked to an older lady who said she’d been there an hour and she only had a couple things in her cart because she couldn’t decide what she wanted. She said she took her sister, who was visiting from out of town, there once and it took her three hours to figure out what to get.

I myself suffered from choice overload. I was paralyzed in making a decision. We ended up getting a giant pizza. AR got some chicken and some little desserts. Amanda got some fresh-squeezed strawberry lemonade and I got some fresh-squeezed orange juice.

I’d really love to have a place like that in Wilmington. Or better yet, open one up. Put it over in Mayfaire near where the Main Street Brewery building is and I bet it would kill.

We got to my mom’s apartment and settled in. Milly played with my mom and Aunt Robbie nonstop. You really couldn’t tell that she hadn’t had a nap.

My mom has some small, standard definition TVs in the place. Milly walked up the one the in the living room and turned it right on, which they were impressed with. Then she kept turning it off and saying it was broken, hitting it on the side. We said, “Milly, it’s not broken; you turned it off.” Mom said she probably isn’t used to TVs being so small or at her level, which made me think that maybe Milly thought it was a touchscreen like the iPad. She was jabbing the screen, so I bet that’s why she thought it was broken.

Mom let me and as ands have her room, and we discovered that there was a walk-in closet large enough to hold a pack & play (like the one Mom had picked up the night before), much to the delight of me and Amanda. Milly fussed when she realized we were putting her in bed, but she went down easily enough.

After that the rest of us hung out in the living room and watched Wipeout. I dozed off and Amanda and I went to bed sometime after 9:30. Very early for me, but traveling takes it’s toll.

Zach Dotsey