Amanda and I got up at 7:30 this morning. She jumped in the shower and I walked to the store to get a couple things for breakfast. Milly was up when I got back (actually, I heard her knocking on her door before I left) and Amanda was scrambling to get some last minute things done. I convinced her that taking one more small bag wasn’t going to kill us, as she was struggling to fit a few more things stowed away for the trip.

Anna arrived just before 9:00 as Amanda and I were scarfing down our toasted bagels with cream cheese. She helped us unload the car and off we went into the charming little ILM airport.

I’d been TO ILM before, but I’d only briefly stepped inside before. It really is a cute airport. I told Amanda I’d like to buy it and make it my house. The gate area is just one big room. I mean there’s really not much to it, but it’s nice. It’s different from other airports I’ve been to.

It’s a good thing I liked it because we were there much longer than expected. Our flight to La Guardia was supposed to leave at 11:05 and then we were supposed to hop a connecting flight to Rochester about 35 minutes after that.

The flight to La Guardia, however, was delayed due to maintenance or some such and wouldn’t arrive in Wilmington until close to 1:00. No possible chance of catching our connecting flight that way.

I talked to a lady at the counter and she checked several alternatives. There was one route we could take to catch the same plane to Rochester, but there was only room for one person.

So now, instead of flying to La Guardia we’re flying to Philadelphia. And instead of getting to Rochester around 1:30 we’re getting in at 5:00. So there goes half the day we could have spent checking out the city with Aunt Robbie, or, better yet, Milly getting a nap.

Milly’s nap is what I’m most worried about. She’s already been a little fussy and clingy today and I don’t know now she’s going to do going that long in strange environments (airplanes and the hustle and bustle of airports). Maybe it’ll all keep her occupied and interested enough that she won’t have a meltdown on a plane. I’m just imagining us getting off this flight (we’re on the one to Philly as I type) and deciding that she’s tired and doesn’t want to get on another plane.

She’s really been very good overall though. She made friends with a group of people from Compass Pointe Homes who were also delayed in going to New York.

Chrissy and Miss B were the two she latched onto first. She took them by the hand and walked them around the concourse and talked and played with them. They told us that Milly was giving them their baby fix.

Miss B told me about her granddaughter who was diagnosed with leukemia a few moths ago. They had her down a while back and had a great time with her. She said she’s strong and upbeat, and I told her we’d pray for them.

Milly also msg Al, whose birthday is today, and she made friends with another guy when she showed him Monsters Inc. on the iPad then colored in a coloring book with him.

I love that Milly is so outgoing. I hope it sticks with her as she gets older, but that it’s tempered with wisdom.

So here we are now on a plane to Philadelphia. I’ve never been to Philly either and would like to visit it too, but I was really excited about getting to just see New York City. I know a layover doesn’t really count as a visit, but I still just wanted to see it and be able to say that I had.

Milly did and is doing great. Nothing has bothered her so far and flying hasn’t seemed to put her in all that much awe. We have her suckers to suck on to try to help with the cabin pressure, so I guess that’s working. Right now she’s playing with the iPad. She and Amanda are in the row behind me.

The only unpleasantness we’ve had was when I was carrying the car seat and two bags onto the plane. I was having trouble getting up the narrow aisle and getting everything settled in and the stewardess started getting a little snippy. No biggie though.

Zach Dotsey

Edit to add: I started typing that almost as soon as they okayed turning on electronic devices. Almost as soon as I finished the captain announced that we would be beginning our descent and should touch down in Philly in about 20 minutes. It still amazes me how fast traveling by air can go. He said there might be some turbulence as we descended through the cumulus clouds, and there has but it’s been very minor. I told Amanda, “At least they’re not cumulonimbus clouds.”

You might get that if you’re a weather junkie or you’ve watched Up as much as we have.