By the time we got our stroller, which was stowed on the plane, we had time to get over to terminal A from terminal F (to the first one from the last one), go to the bathroom and change Milly’s diaper before we got to board the plane to Rochester.

I was hungry and had thought about looking at the shops, but there was no time for that. We’ll be in Rochester in an hour though, so I’m probably better off waiting instead of paying airport food prices anyway.

Amanda gave me a stick of gum while we were waiting to take off and Milly wanted to try some, so I, sitting next to her on this leg of the journey, broke off a small piece and let her have it; her first. At first she was biting it off in pieces until I told her to put the whole thing in her mouth and chew. That advice was followed much better than the bit where I said, “Don’t swallow it.”

Milly was again mostly unimpressed by our takeoff. The only things worth mentioning with it is that we waited on the runway for over 20 minutes and our stewardess has a sense of humor.

Zach Dotsey