Anna picked us up at the airport.  We got in a few minutes early, but we only had to wait outside maybe two minutes before she showed up.

We realized that Milly had lost her favorite paci, a blue one shaped like a butterfly.  It made it all the way through the trip and back to Wilmington as Amanda said Milly had it when she walked off the plane, but I’m guessing Milly dropped it somewhere when Amanda stopped to take a potty break and I got some water from a fountain, because I know Milly didn’t have it then.  When Milly asked for it later we explained that she had left it at the airport.  She seemed okay with that.

Bonnie came over to give us a report on the animals.  Bruce and Harvey had spent some time over at their house and Cobb was having a flea bite reaction so Bonnie gave him some medicine.  She also gave us a nice set of food and water bowls that had belonged to a pet that had recently passed away.

We got Milly in bed and watched The Soup.  We didn’t really do anything as far as putting things away goes because we were both pretty worn out from having traveled so much today.

Zach Dotsey