On Friday Aunt Robbie got Milly up. Yesterday my mom got her up. Today she got them up. In all actuality, Milly was up a little after 7:00. Amanda and I quietly laughed as she played with and talked to her toys fir about 50 minutes or so until we got up and took our showers.

We ate at Friendly’s this morning. I got a caramel walnut pancake stack or some such, not realizing to came with two giant scoops of ice cream. If I’d realized it was more of a dessert than a breakfast I’d have just ordered the French toast.

Mom confirmed our flights online last night, but we noticed that seats were to be assigned at the gate for our first flight and on the second Amanda, Milly and I were all in different rows, so after breakfast we went to the airport to see about getting that taken care of. We accomplished a cat lot of nothing in all the time it took us to wait in line except to get our boarding passes printed out. We were told we’d be able to take care of it at each gate prior to boarding. We were annoyed, but I won’t keep you in suspense: on the flight from Rochester to Atlanta Milly and I sat on the right side of the plane with Amanda just to our left. We even had a lot of extra foot room because we were behind what served as first class in that puddle jumper. We’re on the flight from Atlanta to Wilmington now and Milly is right behind me with Amanda right next to her.

When we finished at the airport we went to Lake Ontario for just a little bit then grabbed some shakes and such. Milly’s only big fuss of the weekend came when we wouldn’t let her have any more ice cream or smoothie on the way back to the airport. Four days with no naps, the kid did well.

Mom took the scenic route back and ended up getting detoured because of a marathon. Amanda wanted to be at the airport around 12:30 but we didn’t even leave the Lake Ontario area until about 12:45. The flight didn’t leave until 2:30-something, but she was worried about long lines and getting our seats straightened out. We got there around 1:15 or 1:20 and had plenty of time. She did a good job of not showing her stress though.

The stewardess on our first flight was really good with Milly. She talked to her and complimented her and winked and waved at her during the safety demonstration. We were In the first row behind first class and had a ridiculous amount of legroom considering Milly was the smallest person on the plane (true for all but one flight over the past four days) and I’m sure I was in the 95th percentile for shortest people on the plane too. Add in Amanda and it was almost complant-worthy.

I kid. Then again, having the extra space for installing the car seat was nice.

Milly did have a few bouts of fussiness on that plane, meaning she screamed or squealed a few times, but she was always quickly pacified. If the flight had been much longer though, she’d have been asleep.

We all split a Cinnabon at ATL, which I guess will had been our dinner.

I just looked back at my girls and Milly’s having her first nap in four days. That’s good in that she doesn’t have to be entertained with earphones, suckers or iPads, but her bedtime is in about an hour. She’ll probably have needed some wind-down time anyway.

Zach Dotsey