Got Milly up at 9.  Karen arrived shortly after to watch Milly, but the two of them stuck around the house for a while instead of going out all day like usual.  When they got back in around, what, 3:30 or 4:00 or so, Milly was definitely ready for a nap.  She’s obviously still recovering from our trip.

I did get caught up with work though, so that’s good.

Amanda and I watched new episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men tonight.  We don’t usually watch Two and a Half Men (outside of syndicated episodes), but it was the first episode without Charlie Sheen.  The DVR had messed up so we missed a couple minutes of the beginning and didn’t get to see his funeral or anything like that, but we did see the introduction of Ashton Kutcher’s character.  It kind of made me think of his Kelso character from That 70’s Show.

Bruce got a nail stuck on the mat by the back door, so I decided it was time for a trimming.  His went fine, but one of Harvey’s nails that I clipped split or something and made him bleed.  We had to put gauze and a bandage on his foot then put a sock over it and tape it up past his… ankle?  The big crook in a dog’s hind leg, I guess that’s an ankle, right?  Anyway, I felt awful about it.  And I only had one or two more toes to go too.

Zach Dotsey