Milly kept me somewhat busy this morning.  She wanted to build towers then she wanted me to push her on her little car toy.  I noticed the floor was getting scuffed, so I picked her up with the car and all and spun her around, so then she kept asking to ride in the sky.  Then she literally walked all over me, then she told me she was going to work and shut herself in the hall closet.

Everyone forgot to take Milly’s car seat out of Karen’s van yesterday, so it’s in Richlands now.  Karen had thought about getting a booster seat anyway so that we wouldn’t have to worry about switching it out all the time, so Amanda went and picked one up from Wally World this afternoon.

Work, at least the work I can make extra money on, had been down this month, which in turn has me down.  I’ve got a few bites though.

Amanda and I watched Date Night after we put Milly to bed tonight.  It was decent.  A nice little comedy, you know.  The movie got here the day we left for Rochester, so the poor thing has been waiting on us.

Zach Dotsey