Slept until 8:30, Milly was up and cheery. Very needy though, and there were things I needed to do. Ended up very frustrated. Cute though: “Help you” apparently means she wants to pull me out of my chair.

Had a long conversation with Scott about some big changes.

Pretty busy day.

Dropped Milly off at Johnsons’. Squealed when she saw Jacob at the door and kept saying his name. Jacob was excited too; he kept running to the door then running away.

We went to help out at the small group connection.  We hung out with Kays and Boscaljons before it got going. Lots of young couples this time. Probably picked up too many for ourselves. We’ll see how it shakes out.  A lot of couples were from Jacksonville to Surf City, so we tried to get them all to form a group together, but nobody wanted to be the point person.

Back to Johnsons’ afterwards.  The roads were a bit flooded so we had to discover an alternate route, which took a bit of driving and guessing, but we eventually got there. Milly was about to go to bed when we got there at about 8:15.  Straightaway she took my hand, said “Nap, Daddy,” and took me to the guest room.  I stayed in there for a few and sacrificed my phone to make her happy and slip out of there.

Spent rest of night just talking to Reece and Steph. She said she thinks she’ll go into labor tomorrow, told her she’d better not because Reece and I are supposed to help Steph M. move.

Watched some of NC State-Cincinnati game. State was getting killed.

Zach Dotsey