That’s supposed to be a pun, as in packing up stuff, but I was helping a Steph move today.  Get it?  I’ll get to that later.

I walked to the store this morning to pick up a few supplies in order for Amanda to make our traditional Friday morning waffle breakfast.

As a general observation, Milly is so much older now.  I know I say this often, but it surprised me how well she puts together words, sentences and concepts.  She’s moving away from calling herself Mimi and is pronouncing Milly better.  She’s begun using the third person now instead of the first.

She has a pretty good memory, too.  Amanda made a bracelet for her (she’s considering getting back into making jewelry) and had blocks with Meliamae spelled out on it.  Amanda had told her what it said when she first gave it to her, but later in the afternoon I asked Milly what it said and she was able to tell me.

She was also watching “Kevin” this evening, which is what she calls Up, and there were parts where she was saying the line at the same time as the character.  The first one was when Ellie tells Carl, “I like you!” right before the balloon pops as a transition to a cut on sound to the flash of a camera at their wedding.  She was also humming along to the theme when during the montage that follows.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that when she doesn’t know something or she has to think about it, she’ll say “hmm” or “umm” sometimes.  For example, I was returning “Baby Jack Jack” (The Incredibles) to its case and asked her who the characters on the cover were.  She named Mr. Incredible, Baby Jack Jack, Violet and Dash, but she wasn’t too sure about Elastigirl so she was making those sounds while she mulled it over.

Amanda took Milly out and about in the late morning/early afternoon in part to get a birthday present for Kookie.  Amanda decided to take her to Barnes & Noble while they were out, but Milly wasn’t listening to her mother and ended up making a scene.  Milly was still very upset when they got back to the house and didn’t want to go upstairs for a nap, but she eventually calmed down and fell asleep.

There’s something, an opportunity, that Amanda was wanting to happen that looks like it’s not going to now, at least not for a while.  That was a bit of a bummer.

This evening I went with Reece to help Stephanie Moorehead get packed up.  She’s moving to J-ville and needed some help.  Her parents were supposed to be coming, but they got standby tickets and didn’t get a flight out of Texas until sometime around 9:00 after waiting pretty much all day.  They’ll be here, but it’ll be pretty daggone late.

We got a late start because she had hydroplaned into a ditch earlier in the day.  It’s really amazing the accident wasn’t worse that it was.  From the sound of it, she should have at least flipped, and she was really blessed that the stop light in the other lane was red and nobody was around her or it would have been a multi-car accident.

Anyway, we started just before 8:00 and finished a little after 9:30.  We had help from a guy named Bart whose kids Stephanie pretty much full-time babysat.  There was a lot more stuff than I expected, but it went pretty well.  She still has a good bit of cleaning and packing up small stuff before she’s done though.

Zach Dotsey