I was up a little after 6:00 this morning so I could go run a camera at church.  The music was really good today and featured an opening song, Plan B, by MUTEMATH, as sung by Lee Hester.  It was a lot of fun to shoot.

Before the first service, Chris Kuhne told us all that he had done a wedding the day before and a woman from New Jersey told him that she hadn’t found a church home that suited her up there, but she loved Port City and watches the services every week.  She said that the highlight of her weekend was going to be attending a service in person.  This from a lady who was in town for her brother’s wedding.  It’s just really cool to know that it makes a difference.

I had picked Milly up in between services and joined Amanda at the 11:00.  I don’t want to go into too much detail here, but I felt like Mike Ashcraft was speaking directly to me today.

Amanda was told that Milly used the potty today in Grow Zone!  Since they know a lot of kids her age are going through potty training they always ask if any kids want to use the potty.  A few other kids did it then Milly said she had to.  Ahh, the positive aspect of peer pressure!  And that would have been on a big potty, too!  Well, not big-big, since the Grow Zone potties are little kid-sized, but porcelain instead of plastic.

I called the Frazelles as we were leaving church to ask about the surf.  Anna said Barry and his friend Chip had just gone out and Hannah was about to, so Amanda and I swung by the house to pick up a few things and let the dogs out, grabbed some Atlanta Bread to have something to munch on (should have been a quick stop, but Amanda was behind eight people, waiting on a bowl of soup) and headed out.  I’d called Reece to see if he wanted to surf and he was waiting in the driveway when we arrived.

The surf had apparently been perfect right before Barry and Chip went out, but then the wind came on it.  When Reece and I walked out it was pretty rough, but there were some good waves to be found here and there.  After a little bit I thought I had one, stood up and the board slipped right out from under me.  That’s not entirely uncommon, but when I fetched the board I realized it had no fins.  We had taken Terry’s fins off when we packed it up to go back from Topsail and they just had not been put back on yet.  I went in to get the fins and came back out.  I tried to go back where Reece was, but the person I thought was him was not him.  Kind of hard to wear glasses when going out to surf, ya know?  Anyway, I caught a couple good ones then got out of the water to walk down the beach and try to find him.  It was getting close to the time that he had to head back anyway, so we packed it in.

Back at la casa Frazelle everyone was hanging out and watching TV in the living room.  Milly was all about some B, sitting with him, sitting on him, crawling on him, bouncing on him.  The picture at the top here is of them watching Tangled together.  Milly was adorable in watching Tangled.  She’s at the point where she knows a lot of the shows or movies that she likes pretty well and she sang along to a lot of Mother Knows Best.  She mumbled parts sh didn’t know, but a lot of it she was able to sing on time.  She raised her pitch where appropriate, did the loud parts at the loud parts and even did some of the gestures, particularly on a long and loud “Motheeeeeer!” where she threw her arms out just like Mother Gothel.

We ate last night’s leftovers, and you know lasagna is always better reheated anyway.  We sat around and talked, mostly about current work stuff and future things, then headed home a little after 7.  We put Milly to bed then watched The Soup and Fringe.  Since I got up early today, surfed and didn’t take a nap I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it through both of those, but I did.

Zach Dotsey