I let Milly sleep in a little this morning and finally got her up a little before 9:00.  She wanted me to read, so I read Guess How Much I Love You, which is mumbles along to and will do some of the arm stretching to show how much, and Runaway Bunny.  As I was finishing up Runaway Bunny Karen arrived.  They stuck around the house for a while because Milly kept saying she didn’t want to go anywhere, but they eventually went out to the park I think, and Brilliant Sky.  They came home with Milly’s first ever Happy Meal.

I was pretty busy today.  There were a number of sales leads that came in and several little jobs, some of which I had to assign out to Scott.  Not because I couldn’t handle them, mind you, but because that’s part of the new system.

I worked until about 6:00, some on work stuff and some on personal work stuff, then called it a night until Amanda went to bed.  Milly, who has been up and down in her moods all day, wanted Amanda to lie down with her tonight.  Not that she was upset with me or anything.  I think it’s nice that she picks Amanda sometimes because it’s usually me that she wants.

We watched How I Met Your Mother and Hart of Dixie, a new show on The CW.  We watched it because Beta Radio, a local band that we actually know, was on it, but of course we happened to miss that.  Other than a couple appearances by them and the pilot episode being filmed here, I have no desire to watch it.  It’s about a young lady doctor from New York who finds herself inheriting a practice from a guy in the Deep South who turns out to have been her dad.  It does have a few people from Friday Night Lights in it, but there wasn’t much to keep me hooked.  Not that it was really bad or anything.

Zach Dotsey