My baby sister turned 26 today.  I called her this evening to wish her a happy birthday and to see if Milly would as well.  Milly was coming off a big bout of the fuss and we couldn’t get her to say, “Happy birthday, Aunt Dra (Auntdra?),” but after talking to her cousin, Addison, she finally did it right before we hung up.

Milly’s day started with me walking into her room and saying, “Good morning, beautiful girl!”  She was in the same position she almost always is in the mornings: on her stomach with her arms tucked beneath her.  Milly’s reply, without looking up, was, “Daddy, I poopin’.”

Later this morning Milly was sitting in my lap and playing with the iPhone while I was doing some work. I suddenly heard the sound Words with Friends makes when a game ends, so I looked at what she was doing and found that she had resigned me from a game I was winning. I was like, “Aww man! Milly, why’d you do that?” I wasn’t saying it like I was angry or annoyed; I actually did think it was a little funny.

After a beat I realized she was starting to cry, so I hugged her a bunch and told her I wasn’t mad and that I loved her.

I had a lengthy talk with Matt and Josh today about doing some work with them along with the work I do with Venue.

Amanda and Milly went to the mall today. Amanda’s grandma bought her some boots and her grandpa got Milly some ice cream and rode the carousel with her.

Milly hadn’t napped before they went and fell asleep in the car just before they got home and woke up when they came in Milly was awake and in a terrible, terrible mood. She yelled and screamed and threw pretty much her worst tantrum ever. Amanda finally put her in her room and let her rant and rail for a few minutes before she passed out.

It was late though, so we didn’t let her sleep long for fear that she wouldn’t sleep as much tonight. She was pretty fussy when we first got her up, but we ended up having a nice evening snuggling on the couch to watch Up.

After Milly went down Amanda and I tried to watch The Adjustment Bureau, but the disk was a little damaged and it started skipping a lot at some key parts. I filed a report with Netflix, so we should have another copy soon.

Zach Dotsey