Milly and I had a discussion about backs this morning.  She reached around to her back and said, “This is my back. Let me see your back.”  So I turned in my chair and let her see my back.  “You have a big back; I have baby back.”  I guess she’s right.  Hard to argue with the observations of a two-year-old.

She also got a brush and started brushing Harvey this morning.  After a minute she climbed on his back and sat on him while she did it, and later on she seemed to be planking the poor dog.  I tried to get a picture, but it didn’t last long enough.  Harvey’s so good with Milly.

The imagination is quite something as well.  When Amanda got Milly up from her nap this afternoon, Milly wanted to look at Rapunzel’s tower, the set piece Amanda made for Milly’s birthday.  It took a lot of time and effort, so it now resides on the changing table in Milly’s room.  Anyway, Milly likes to talk to Rapunzel in it sometimes, and today she asked Rapunzel if she wanted to take a bath.  Amanda figured this was one of those times you could take something a kid’s talking about and turn it around to be something for them, so she asked Milly if she wanted to take a bath.  Milly said, “It’s not my tower, Mommy.”  Amanda said Milly said that in a tone as if Amanda was asking a really stupid question.  “It’s not my tower, Mommy.”

Amanda also let Milly help make cookies for small group tonight.  She got to mix and stir ingredients (which she did with measuring spoons) and help dish cookie dough onto the baking sheet (which Amanda always had to supplement with more dough).  After they were done baking, Amanda leaned down to Milly and told her, “Milly, I need your help.  This is the most important part.  I need you to taste a cookie and tell me if it’s good.  Can you do that?”  Milly answered with a nod.  I thought it was extremely cute.  (The cookies were good, in case you’re wondering.)

Scott and I had a long chat today about a number of the changes he recently instituted.  Other than that I was pretty busy with sales, particularly with trying to get two proposals sent out.  I was supposed to have a webinar with another company to start learning their system so I can help them as well, but that got pushed back.

The new iteration of our small group met tonight, with two new couples showing up.  They are Simon and Monique and Jared and Ashley.  The latter were married just a few weeks ago, the former have been married for a number of years and have two kids.  The oldest, Rosa, is two, but she’s closer to the three side.  Simon and Monique are German and Rosa only speaks German.  Milly, Rosa and Jacob, who was also here, played quite a bit.  Monique said that Rosa doesn’t open up to others very quickly usually, but by the end of the night the three kids were hugging each other a bunch, which was really sweet to see.  She even smiled at me, though they said she’s usually very shy with men.

I think the meeting went well and everyone got along, felt at ease.

Zach Dotsey