Some of the changes Scott wanted to implement aren’t going through, at least for now.  We did have a big talk today about marketing plans and such.  This has been a slow month, overall, but it’s really picked up at the end here.

Amanda’s mom, Karen, treated us and Michael and Jenn to dinner at Cracker Barrel tonight.  I don’t think anybody didn’t get breakfast.  Milly spent her time before the food came playing with the golf tee game, the one where you jump one over the other and try to leave only one remaining.  Of course, she wasn’t playing it like that.  She even noticed that one was missing, so I got a tee from another game that was at our table.  She counted them and she stood them up in lines.  I thought it was amazing how organized she was with them.  Milly also spent some time calling out to Jenn, who was sitting across the round table from her.  She would lean over so she could see past the stuff in the middle of the table, call to Jenn, then laugh or give a great big smile when Jenn looked over at her.  Poor Michael is nearly invisible when Jenn’s around (and they’re almost always together).

Karen decided to stick around tonight and we had to decide whether to go ahead and watch our Thursday night TV or to finish watching The Adjustment Bureau, a new copy of which arrived from Netflix today.  We decided that we didn’t want to start the movie from the beginning and watched Community, Parks & Rec and The Office, all of which I thought were solid.  Of particular note, I think The Office is doing fine without Steve Carell.  Andy as the manager with no confidence is nice, but I really like the addition of James Spader.

Karen was also introduced to Words with Friends.  She saw Amanda playing it and kept helping her with it, so Amanda let her start a new game with me.  We were neck and neck when we all went to bed.

Zach Dotsey