All the girls: Amanda, Milly and Karen,  stayed in bed until about 10:00 today. Lazies.  Karen said she’d been awake for a while but the clock in the guest room hadn’t been set since the last time the power went off and she didn’t hear anyone moving around.  Milly may have been up before that and just quietly playing in her room, but Amanda was legitimately asleep.

I knocked out a bunch of work this morning then packed the fam up to head off to see the dentist.

Barry was having a commercial shot today. I thought part of that included having my teeth cleaned, but Amanda and Milly were the ones being used in a shot in the chair with Dr. Lee while I was used as a patient checking in.  Someone else was supposed to show up for it, but didn’t, so I think we’re all the patients who will be shown in it.

It was pretty fun. I joked with Barry that I, as short as I am, was going to make him look like a giant. The videographer actually did boost my height a little with some phone books. I just thought it was funny. I also faked some dialog with Penny, the office manager, and Barry.  As well as we know each other and as often as we see each other, it felt a little funny to shake Barry’s hand.

While we were there several people asked Amanda if she’s related to Anna.  I can see it a lot more now with the bangs.

We got home after a quick stop at the mall where Amanda ran in to exchange some boots. Milly told us on the way there that there were elephants in the sky. Cloud shapes I guess.

Milly went down for a nap after eating and I stayed busy with work, mainly a few support issues.

I got a call from Adam Rowe, who was calling to check and see how some plans of mine were coming along. I thought that was extremely nice of him.  Adam is a guy I met on the Duke board that I’ve done a bit of work with.

Nick and Amy came over for enchiladas. Milly and Eli played well together, though Milly, who has never been all that interested in babies, showed only passing interest in Ada.

Milly wasn’t the easiest during the meal. We had a time keeping her in her seat and eating anything. She ended up in the corner once, but after she got out and I tried to get her to eat again she started asking to go to the corner. I guess that’s not going to be all that effective anymore.

We finally got her to eat some corn so everything settled down.

Milly and Eli played a little while more then helped clean up the mess they’d made of the living room before going to bed.

We adults eventually played Puerto Rico. Nick had meant to bring our San Juan, which they borrowed a while back, but he wasn’t thinking and grabbed the wrong game. He did bring back a nice pair of my socks that he borrowed probably a year ago and I gave him a check for the MUTEMATH ticket he got me a few weeks ago.

Anyway, Nick won and remarked that he wasn’t sure if he’d ever won a game at our table. I got second, then Amy followed by Amanda, who actually ended the game.

Zach Dotsey