Amanda got me up when she got up this morning because Milly was talking, singing and clapping with her Violet doll. Very cute.

Andrewses were with us in Grow Zone line and sat with us during church service.

When I got Milly from Grow Zone of the girls there said to me that Milly “is so smart!” Nice to know we’re not the only ones who think so.

Saw Stephanie Johnson in line to pick up Jacob- he was in Milly’s room. Still pregnant. Contractions have started though.

Saw Rob Peterson and his new son, Noah. Been meaning to call him to see how things are going.

Skipped the traditional thing and went on home after church. Milly knew where we were heading before we got off on our exit and wanted to go get a muffin; she really is smart! Hate to do away with our tradition, but we need to tighten up a little.

Milly napped, we caught up on some TV: The Soup and Supernatural. Season started out pretty intense, first two episodes started off where the previous one left off, which that show doesn’t often do.

Parents called and offered us their fridge, but it’s too wide for our kitchen.

Went surfing with Barry and Chip. Called Baba on the way there. Said the new place isn’t home yet and she’s still got some unpacking to do, but it sounded like she’s settling in and meeting people and having a good time.

Surfing was okay. Was apparently “all-time” early today. There were some legit barrels, but a lot of them got wind on them and didn’t have enough power or broke too slow or else crashed hard on the sandbar.

I caught a few, mostly whitewater. One gave me a pretty fun ride just because I was able to stay on it. Wore a spring suit and was fine in water, but wind  was really cold.

Invited Reece to go out, but rightfully thought he wouldn’t go because Steph may go into labor at any time. We were going to watch Jacob when they went to to hospital, but their parents are now in town.

Pretty chill evening. Talked to parents, Milly talked to Dad and when asked about seeing Mum Mum talked about riding airplanes without being prompted, then talked about waterfalls.

She’s calling vertically extended tape measure American flag.

Zach Dotsey